Happy Thanksgiving!! We have so much to be thankful for this year. I am also guest posting over at Kir’s Corner on my Proud Mommy Moment. Thank you Kirsten for hosting me today!!!

  • 6 half used jars of peanut butter and 8 barely used jars of jelly that are cluttering up the pantry. It means that we have been blessed and my family has enough to eat.
  • The fact that I could find no cold medicine for my splitting sinus headache. It means that my family has been healthy this year.
  • The radio station that dropped the F-bomb this morning that I quickly changed before my children repeated it. It means I live in a country that celebrates its freedoms and all the men/women who sacrificed their lives to ensure that I have those freedoms.
  • The slight feeling of dread at the loud chaos that will take over as 6 adults and 9 children sit down to devour a turkey. It means that I have been blessed with lots of family.
  • The chairs that will be empty this year. It means that those that were suffering are now suffering no more. It also means missing someone means loving them.
  • The traditional gravy that always makes me gag a little. It means that my mother loves us enough to keep with tradition and its always good for a little ribbing year after year.
  • The long and tiring drive to the grocery store for “provisions”. It means that we were blessed enough to find our dream house in the country.
  • The fight that will start as I try to chase down my girls and get them dressed to leave. It means that my children have plenty of energy and independence.
  • My email box and text messages that are full and running down my cell phone battery. It means I live in a time where technology allows me to reach out and connect with family and friends. It also means that someone out there cares that I get a student loan and have white teeth.

Most of all….I am thankful for:
A God so powerful that He can pluck you from a path, move a mountain and place you on a new path.
A God so compassionate that He provides family and friends to comfort and listen at all the right times.
A God so gentle that He listens to our anger and keeps loving us through it.
A God so jealous that He accepts nothing less that what is best for His children.
A God so tender that even a child can cry out and feel loved.
A God so generous that by simply asking He is able to provide for all your needs.
A God that loves me so much that in my darkest hours He gave me reason to smile, laugh, love and begin to live again.
Thank you to every single one of you who has weathered this year with me and my girls. I am thankful for every message you sent, letter you mailed, story you shared, times you listened and for your love that I felt surrounding us.

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  1. God bless you, Alycia. Your words of encouragement blessed me tremendously this year and I am grateful for you and those words. Praying that you and your girls have a blessed day and year.

    • God bless you as well, Lena! It’s been one of *those* years, huh? Lookie….we are still here. A little battered, a little bruised; but we are here! I never would have dreamed that those times I spent trying to be strong for you; that you would turn around and have to be my strength. Funny how it works that way…I am thankful for the times that you have laughed with me and the times you have supported me. I appreciate your friendship!!!

      • Alycia, you are awesome…you’ve been an inspiration to me over the last few months! I’m fortunate that we’ve formed a friendship…just wish it wasn’t under such unfortunate circumstances. Either way, I’m thankful for your friendship.

  2. Hi Alycia, following you over from Kirsten’s Proud Mommy Moments 🙂 You are such a strong, courageous, and good-spirited person, and I hope that this Thanksgiving holiday fills your heart with much love and peace.

  3. Hello Lovely, wishing you a year of happiness, filled with blessings and peace and joy …
    I love your lists and your beautiful words.
    Much love to you and your little family! xxxx

  4. I missed this one. Found it in my spam folder this morning when spam was visiting my email. I hope you know how thankful I am for you and your friendship this year. There have been days that were on the dark side, storms rolling in, that your humor, and a port-a-potty pulled me out of. 😉

    I am glad that we are discovering our faith together too. God is good. Too bad I forgot just how good He really is. You have the most wonderful things to be thankful for. I hope you did have a great day and your holiday continues to bless you.

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