Changing Scenery

In my house I have a special room that I use to relax, write and daydream. It’s called a Florida Room, but we have nicknamed it the Fountain Room for the massive fountain I have in one of the corners. Windows covering three sides facing the backyard which is currently in the throes of Autumn color. There is always soft instrumental music playing in time to the water dripping in the fountain.

Say it with me…”Zeeeeeennnnnnn” (Well you know…if you believe in Zen, which I don’t because I have children.)

Today as I was writing, I would stare out the window while composing the thoughts before I wrote them down. The leaves that have gathered on the ground right outside my window are now brown and a reminder to the approaching Winter. My view will be less than appealing when I go to write, so I thought for a moment about putting blinds up to block out the bleak scene.

Then I had another idea. Perhaps if I were to plant an array of evergreens in the bed right outside the window next to my chair. I could landscape it with different shades of green that would never change regardless of the season. I could include some pots inside boasting different tropical plants and blooms. I couldn’t change the Season or landscape the entire outdoors, but I had control to change what was right in front of me.

How often in your life do you see the bleakness of the world and it’s just so big and you are so little? Many times we feel helpless to control it as it changes our view of our life into something similar to those brown leaves and stark branches against the gray sky of Winter. What if we were to take the control that we do have and change what was right in front of us?

We can create a view we desire to look at. Something that inspires us, by starting with the view right outside our window.

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2 replies

  1. This is awesome, Alycia! Thanks for sharing another piece of your heart!

  2. You again are right. We do have the power to change our view..the perspective, even when something blows in that knocks you off your feet. Sometimes its not as easy to see, but it’s always there.

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