Eye twitching as though it was trying to keep beat to a hard rock song. Holding a cup of coffee and gesturing more wildly than a spazzed air traffic controller. Jumping from room to room like a sparrow on meth. I was verbally vomitting frustrations and directions to the crew who was sent to replace my flooring. I had been sent an email of everything I needed to do and in the craziness that is life; I was behind.

The floor installer held his hand up like a stop sign and I got the hint to shut up.

“Ma’am, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I know what I am doing. It’s my job. Relax and I’ll do what I do.”

I started to sputter out an excuse and slide in a couple more directions, but he talked right over me. He pointed to the tools and flooring and said, “I have the tools, I have the experience. I am much better qualified to do this. Breathe.”

I grabbed my coffee cup and laptop leaving him to his work. After all I had a post and lesson to share with you.

Following perfectly yesterday’s post “Interruptions” where I talked about being led from what you are trying to do into what you are meant to do; I learned today that sometimes its best to let people who are equipped and knowledgeable do what they do best.

I looked at the job in front of me with the flooring and had no idea what to do first or even what was the best way to handle it. I worked myself into a frenzy trying to figure out what I didn’t understand.

The installer looked at the job in front of him and knew exactly what step to take first until he reached completion. He had the skills and the tools to do what needed to be done.

There are times I look at my future and all the things that need to be done and I have no idea what to do first or handle it. I jump from area to area trying to outsmart what has already been planned for me in advance. I can almost picture God as that installer holding up His hand for me to just stop and shut up. I am not equipped to guess my future or outsmart that plan He has for me. But if I step back and just allow Him to do what needs to be done, He will work until completion.

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  1. Thank you!!! That was an incredible and timely post for me to read! I am always getting in the way and it’s hard for me to step back and breathe!

  2. What a good metaphor. I often think of myself riding on the current of life. Sometimes I have to let it take me.

  3. Psalm 46:10 – Be still and Know that I am God!!!!! nuff said.

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