I was talking with an old friend who I am honored to call “Sister,” although we don’t share blood, today and we were swapping stories from the past. One of the stories is actually a moment that my life was saved.

Many years ago I had a Rottweiler. I raised him from a puppy and he was my baby. Let me tell you, that baby grew fast and he grew big. His only mission in life besides slobbering buckets was to cherish me. It wasn’t just a mission, it was his honor and he was proud to do it. He was a typical Rottweiler with most people, but tender and adoring of me. We went on walks daily and he stayed by my side. Never pulling me; never challenging me.

One day a storm came up. Not just any storm; there were reports of tornado warnings and my baby was outside on a lead. I rushed outside as the skies darkened and the winds seemed to come from every direction at once. As I reached him the rain begin pelting so hard that I couldn’t seem to get the lead off his collar. He wanted to run and was pulling so that I couldn’t hardly grab his collar.

I finally just released the lead from the tree and used it as a leash as we ran for the house. My friend was in the house and as I tried to open the door, the suction sealed the door so that we couldn’t get in. I continued to stand at the door trying to get in. My dog began pulling me which was unusual for him to go against what I was asking him. The noise of the storm became unbearable and the winds were making it difficult to stand. Finally my dog put his mouth on my wrist applying enough pressure to hurt me and make me notice. He began pulling me away from the door. I gave in and trusted him.

At that moment he slammed his 130lb body into mine pushing me against the garage door as a tornado touched down in our backyard causing a tree to fall and crush the carport I was just seconds ago standing stubbornly under. Inches, mere inches were all that kept me alive. That one moment my dog in his adoration of me was willing to cause me pain to get me to listen so he could protect me from what his instinct knew was coming.

Our preacher today made a comment that sometimes God’s interruptions are actually moments of your destiny.

I imagine that moment to be similar to that of that giant dog. He faithfully guarded me and cherished me. He allowed me to do my own thing although he was powerful enough to pull me whenever he wanted. When the moment came that my own will was going to cost me, he applied enough pressure to cause me to listen and obey.

That moment of interruption of changing the course of what I wanted to happen proved to be a turning point in my destiny. Had I not given into that interruption and followed, I would not be here today. I try to live now being conscious of when He applies that pressure that is an interruption and go where He leads me to safety or destiny.


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  1. Alycia;
    Wonderfully inspiring story! Thank you!!

    Danny G.

  2. wow, that took my breath away. To be in that moment and to know that your life was saved, that something and someone was watching out for you. It gave me goosebumps

    I think back to the interruptions in my life too….the moments I wanted to go one way and was led to another, and how it made the PRESENT that much sweeter. This is a wonderful reminder of that.

  3. This is a beautiful story. I love stories like this. I mean, not that you almost died, and thankfully, there were no porta-potties involved, but the love of a dog for his mistress is just one I love. And you’re right. God sends interruptions. Sometimes I need them just to get back on course.


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