Jeans From The Dryer

This is no secret to my female readers, but to my male readers this could be news. Warm towels from the dryer are heaven. Warm jeans from the dryer….totally opposite.

The moment you pull them from the dryer you realize that they must have shrunk a couple of sizes and you begin to make plans to jump from the roof into them just to get them over your hips.

The first step is to do the hip wiggle and booty shake to get them over the curve of the hip. Once you have achieved that, the light jump takes place to get the the rest of the way over the butt. Next is either the “suck in” or “lay down on bed” method to get the zipper up. The button is next. At this point your fingers are so sweaty, you swear off the button and go do a couple of squats to free up some space.

For the next couple of hours you exist in total discomfort. Bending when you can, stretching where you have to and praying the seams hold up. Finally the moment comes when they fit again. The actual moment they finally gave enough to give you comfort is almost undetectable, but there you are totally comfortable in your favorite pair of jeans again. Hopefully at some point you have been able to remember to button them.

Life is full of those fresh from the dryer jeans discomfort moments. If we learn to hip wiggle and suck in a little when it starts, it is possible to achieve that moment when you realize the discomfort is gone.

The key to getting through the discomfort moments is to persist and not give up. It’s going to pinch. You are going to sweat. You may pray your seams hold up, but you can get through it with a little booty shake. (Who knew you could compare rump shaking to getting through the tough times) If you keep bending and stretching yourself through those moments of discomfort; you will find that the feelings will give and you will find your comfort again. The minute it happens might be undetectable, but it will happen if you keep focused on the final goal.

Recently I was doing some writing and one of my dearest coaches and cheerleader was reading what I had. I was writing about something painful and I was beyond uncomfortable. She asked me simply, “How does it feel to write it out?” My reply was just as simple, “It sucks!” Her response floored me…”Then keep going.” I snickered a little at such a absurd retort. Why on earth would she want me to keep doing it if it sucks? Then I realized she was giving me permission to keep pushing through the discomfort until it was comfortable again. Acknowledging that it isn’t fun, but it will get better. I was going to have to stretch that comfort level a little and work myself into it, but it could happen if I just kept going.

After all, you aren’t going to get your car stuck out of a mud puddle without flinging a little dirt to continue on your journey to see what is around the next bend.

You aren’t going to get into your favorite pair of jeans out of the dryer without a little discomfort. Just keep going.

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  1. I have stopped wearing my jeans all together. Maybe it’s me that’s grown and not the jeans that have shrunk in the dryer. Oh lord I better go on a diet! In other news I know what you mean about getting through the uncomfortable parts and coming out the other side. I’m working in that too. Good post!

  2. I love the analogy of hot jeans, straining seams and tough times. How great to see the signs and connections that weave their way through our lives. It’s awesome to recognize that the lessons learned from small things can be equally valuable in other situations.

  3. I love the way you weave the simplest things into such a profound reality. Never before have I ever considered the discomfort of fresh from the dryer jeans (and you are absolutely right in every step for putting them on too! Ha!) but I love the analogy you put with it. Writing is therapeutic and I’ve found that I have to keep pushing until it can end in a somewhat more positive note. I hope you are able to find those positive notes at the end to. Much love to you.

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