4 Years

Today marks the 4th year I have been blessed with Isabella. My chubby cherub at birth who broke my heart at the news of her broken heart. 3 years have passed since we walked from the Cardiologist’s office with a clean bill of health and proof once more that God is the greatest healer.

I believe he healed her heart by placing a touch of gold. Last night we went out to eat with some friends and she got initiated into the the loud annoying waiters singing “Happy Birthday” and presenting her with a piece of cake. She sat silently, looking worried at that one piece of giant cake. I stepped away for a moment, but when I came back I found her smiling broadly. My friend informed me that Isabella wasn’t happy with her cake until she had shared it around the table.

I am honored and humbled that God blessed me with this sweet daughter. She is everything I am not. Logical, rational and studying everything to understand how it works (sometimes that includes Mommy’s temper) Thinking way beyond her body and giving beyond her heart. The smallest incidents will make her drop everything to rush to aid with the efficiency of a seasoned nurse. I can barely stub my toe and she comes to fret over me and bandage me up. Begging me to lie down on the couch so she can place a cool rag on my head. Her only emotional expression is through music. Singing her feelings and dancing with her soul. Her voice bellows like a sick elephant and her body moves with the grace of a three legged hippo, but there is no denying the happiness she spreads by sharing her song and dance. A natural performer with a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday to my Isabella, my cherub.

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  1. Alycia, you are so blessed to have a sweet little girl like this.
    Tell Isabella that I wish her the happiest of birthdays and a blessed year…

  2. Happy Birthday, Isabella!! There must be something about Late October babies because my Scooby loves to sing and strut his stuff too. I so love that she wasn’t happy until she had shared her cake with everyone. So very sweet, indeed!!

  3. Happy Day, Birfday Isabella!!!! One day, when I get to meet you because your mama and I will finally “meet in the middle”, I will buy you ice cream. I promise! xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! What a lovely post.

  5. She is beautiful..look at that smile and the heart we can’t see that is presented to us as aring, comfort, and a true love of others. Happy Birthday baby girl…may 4 be filled with all the happy surprises your big amazing heart can hold! X
    Happy “Birth” day to u Alycia….xoxo

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