Worse Than The Boogey Man

Night has fallen and the dark shadows that stay neatly tucked in the corner in the daytime hours begin to slither closer. Pulling the covers tighter as your eyes begin to grow heavy, you hear it.

It’s not a thump.

Not a bump.

Not the sound of a door creaking.

Not a floorboard squeaking.

It’s not a hand reaching out to grab you.

Not a raspy voice whispering “Boo!”

Mouth dry, heart pounding and hands shaking; you hear that little voice that belongs to “Mr What-If.” You have plans, ideas and goals. When the quietness of the night surrounds, you hear him.

“What if…this doesn’t go as planned”

“What if…it goes wrong when played by your hand “

“What if….they are disappointed in you”

“What if…they laugh at you too”

“What if….they don’t understand what you tell”

“What if…no matter what you do, you fail”

Much scarier than the “Boogey Man” of our childhood, “Mr. What-If” is very real. Just as the “Boogey Man” could be defeated by the revealing light of a flashlight proving that the shadow was really our coat hanging in the closet, or a tree branch on the window; “Mr. What-If” can also be defeated by a revealing light. The revealing light of “Truth”

“Truth – you have thought of everything in advance”

“Truth – you don’t really lose if you take a chance”

“Truth – it doesn’t matter if they laugh at you”

“Truth – you done everything that you can possibly do”

“Truth – if you don’t try because of your concern…”

“Truth – if you don’t attempt; you’ll never learn.”

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4 replies

  1. If you didn’t have the “What Ifs” I would think you to be inhuman. Give yourself a break, hard to do I know, you’re doing great.

  2. Oh the What If’s are the worst and can consume me if I let them. You are doing amazing.

  3. I love the way it rhymes. I really do. And you are right. I agree that the What Ifs are scary. I think they are necessary in helping us dream and grow too.

  4. This is the most beautiful post….I am so scared of failing, of not being enough, of doing it wrong….but if I never try, if I never give things a shot…

    You are amazing Alycia, every word, every time you hit publish…..I’m knocked out by the way you touch me.

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