Been Blue

We’ve been blue around here. No…not sad, just blue.


That is the most wonderful 5 year old in the world….with a missing tooth. It was not ready to come out, but a wrong step at the playground expedited the Tooth Fairy schedule. Always my quirky child, Annie was distraught about the missing tooth.  Best solution this mom could come up with….Turn the focus elsewhere. Taking a idea from the blog, I “Colored Her Happy.”

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the camera again. I had to clean off the layer of dust, but the inspiration is starting to come back slowly. It started with a good game of football by some locals that let me come play with them.

A wonderful picnic in the park on September 11th. In memory of our tragedy as a nation of families, we spent the time disconnected from technology and soaked up dirt, scraped knees, picnic food and good old fashioned family comfort.

Had a photo shoot with a family that has become more than subjects….they are friends. That’s what I love about all my clients. They are never just a shoot to edit; they are friends I have the privilege to visit. Thank you friends for sharing your day with me!


It has been a wonderful week. We’ve had some bad times, but we have the love of friends that produce that shimmering silver lining behind every dark cloud! In the next few weeks we will be moving to another stomping ground. My presence will be here and there, but I will check in as I can. As always…you can check in with me on FaceBook to see what short antics we are up to!

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4 replies

  1. Yay for a “happy” blue!
    Missing you, friend. Here’s to new stomping grounds, picnics and silver linings!

  2. Good luck on your move!!! These little bursts of light from within the darkness will keep coming until they become the norm. I love that smile.

  3. I love that you are finding your happy and the girls are too. I love the picture of the bench, it’s stunning and made me smile…your Mojo is coming back!!! Yea.

    As an aside did you know that there is a movement in blogland to color a piece of your hair Blue in solidarity with suicide prevention? Why I am sure that it wasn’t your intent…the blue looks so cute on Annie…it also meant a LOT to me to see it on her…intended or not, she is the perfect kind of spokesperson for prevention.

    Love u girl!!!! I’ll be awaiting your hugs on twitter!!!! Xoxo

  4. what a cutie little boy!! and I did the colored hair thing once before as well…but I did pink on blonde and it didn’t come out – for MONTHS!


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