Remembering Silence

This 9-11 I remember silence.

Opened newspaper, steaming coffee and my back porch. Every morning I sat there and enjoyed the sunrise best I could. My curse was living right beside the airport. The screaming engines of the large airplanes assaulted my mornings, but I had almost learned to drown them out.

On the 12th of September, the day after the attacks, I had the thickest newspaper I had ever felt. Filled with stories of the attacks, pictures and commentary I sat down with my coffee and Kleenex ready to read the stories. The silence of the skies was deafening and the ink from the paper was fresh in my nose.

With no sound of the airplanes due to the travel freeze, my backyard seemed foreign. No sounds except the birds and the occasional passing car. I become nervous and jumpy with no sounds from the large engines. Miles and miles away from the devastation, it became real. I was touched by the terrorist as well. I felt the effects. It was real.

I will always remember the images.

I will always remember the some of our darkest tragedies happen on the brightest of days.

I will always remember the sting of so many losses.

I will always remember the pride of the willing and unknown heroes that rose to answer the call.

Yet….I will remember the silence of a changed reality and hurting nation the most.

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3 replies

  1. This is a beautiful tribute of how very much the day has impacted our nation as a whole.

  2. As Paul Simon sang “The Sounds of Silence” today, this reminds me of that. How quiet we all became as those buildings came down. This was so beautiful Alycia….your words moved me to tears.

  3. I agree, one of the most devastating sounds.

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