Annie’s Family

Annie received a bag from school to carry her stuff in along with the instructions to decorate it herself. This was a huge deal for my creative child. We stood in front of ribbons, buttons, paint, iron-ons, etc. for a long time while she picked stuff out that would make it hers. Today we got everything out and (typical female style) she changed her mind.

She decided that it would suit her best if she just drew her family on the bag so that she could see them everyday.

She did a beautiful job with drawing the members of the family, but had a hard time trying to figure out how to display “Daddy.” She didn’t want to actually draw him, because according to her; she can’t see him. She believes that he is with God and they are in heaven, so she decided to draw a cloud to represent heaven where Daddy is.

It’s times like this that are so bittersweet.

Watching her struggle with what her family is now. What it looks like to her.

Being so proud of her attempt to express herself and seeing the unspoken pain of permanent separation.

Answering the question that most of the kids in her class will not understand what the cloud is, but she knows so that is OK.

This is Annie’s family now and she’s learning to be OK with that.

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8 replies

  1. Children are very smart. She did a beautiful job.

  2. You amaze me ae. Those girls will one day look back & know they are ok because of you.

  3. Oh my heart…oh Annie, I am so sorry you have to deal with this new reality, but you made a gorgeous picture of your family sweet stuff and I know your daddy is really proud to be a par of that picture. Xo

  4. She has made a beautiful bag and so very precious.

  5. cute! I have a little girl named Annie also, she’s going into second grade. Sounds like they’d be buddies, mine loves all things creative too…

  6. I emailed you at your photography email address. It’s been a while…too much to say to you in a blog comment…

  7. She is an awesome little girl! Alycia, you are doing a wonderful job, keep your head up.

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