Flashing You

This morning I saw the great @Lesism post a teaser about a flash fiction prompt contest and I just couldn’t resist. To find out more about the contest and prompts visit HERE

The prompts were:


Whimsical way of the world.

The postman always rings twice.

Stormy Beach.

We are not alone!


I decided to combine all four and here is my entry! If you enter, leave me a comment so I can read your entry.



The driving sheets of rain could not stop the waves from crashing forward on the beach. She saw the stinging rain as a wall to pass through as she stepped into the spray, but the world has a whimsical way of flexing its boundaries around interruptions.

She could no longer hear the horn from the fishing vessel through the pounding rain. The last distress call of two blasts was hours ago, reminding her of the saying, “The postman always rings twice.”

Plunging into the raging seas, she knew it was a fool’s errand. Yet, he was waiting for her as she had waited for him. Lightning pierced the sky showing her brief glimpses of where her course should be set.

The sea pulled her under and demanded she give her all. In the next flash of light she saw him.




Their fingertips touched and intertwined. He pulled her weightless body close and whispered “We are not alone.” She looked around and saw other members of his crew hovering in the swirling seas. She returned their sad smiles of regret as her heart sung that her own wait on forever was over.

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4 replies

  1. Yay!! I’ll take this challenge! Thank you!

    And for yours? It’s so very romantic!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow. Do you know how talented you are, your words just slay me. I loved the imagery in this, I felt cold, wet and sexy…LOL.

    • Cold, wet and sexy…which one of the three don’t belong. HAHAHA! Thanks for reading as always and I am so glad you enjoyed the piece.

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