Quick update

So I may have already pinged you, but if not and you came here looking for verification…YES! I am back on Twitter. You can check my sidebar to keep up with my tweets and to follow the correct account.

I apologize for dropping off the edge of the Twittersphere, but if you followed me a while back then you know why I did.

Twitter is crack though.

I will still be writing just for me and tweeting just for me, but frankly I missed the connections I had made (even if the amount of Tweets I used to get drove my sister crazy) So if I am not following you yet and we used to tweet together…ping me!

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3 replies

  1. I am so happy to connect with you again.

  2. Yea!!!!! I’ve missed your tweets for sure! Xo

  3. I had to give up the Twitter crack. I found myself sitting at my computer all day long while the world went by without me. Good luck keeping it in check better than I could! 🙂

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