Niche Blogging

First let me say that I have never known the correct way to pronounce “niche” until I researched it for this blog post. I have heard it pronounced “nee-ch” and “n-itch”. I found this handy tool over at that when you press the button, it pronounces it for you.

1) It is indeed pronounced “n-itch

2.) I got sidetracked by laughing hysterically at making the voice say Goopy (Yes, I linked it to the word. Click on the sound icon. Doesn’t he sound really enthusiastic as he pronounces “goopy“…more hysterical laughter)

Anyways I saw a FaceBook poll the other day that asked: “Do you consider yourself a niche blogger?” Yes and No were the only answers.


Can I possibly express how much I hate seeing the term “Niche Blogging”

To me…Niche Blogging is redundant in terminology. You blog about topics you know about. If you are a mom and you write about mom stuff; it’s a niche. If you are a techie and write about goopy (snicker) techie stuff; it’s a niche.

I’ve now said “niche” so many times, my skin is crawling with niches. (scratch scratch)

I’ve attended many seminars that are designed to help the “Niche Blogger.” Let me save you some money friends…if you are blogging about selective topics, then you are already a successful “Niche Blogger”

How easy it that?

Not sure about what your niche is? This is an easy one too.

Your niche is YOU. Your passion. Your knowledge.

Now it would be nice if your passion and knowledge just happened to coincide with the top money making niches (really tired of that word now) but even if you have an odd niche, you can still be successful.

Today someone found my blog by typing in “toddler monkeys fighting for bananas on a pole”

(blink blink)

And you thought your niche was weird.

So quit trying to align yourself into some kind of specific niche and just write YOU…we are reading.

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11 replies

  1. Love it!! I’ve always hated that question too. My blog is about whatever I write about. Period. (“Goopy.” “Goopy.” “Goopy.” …I can’t get enough!)

  2. it’s so easy to label ourselves, which is why reading this is so great.

    Write what you know, what makes you passionate and you’ll find your OWN PLACE

  3. Loved this! I get really tired of hearing the term “niche” blogger too. And thanks for clearing up how it is pronounced! That always confuses me!!

    • I’m glad that I could clear up confusion on how its pronounced….but I still could go hours listening to “goopy” (hysterical laughter) Thanks for visiting Mandi.

  4. That is so very true! I think that blogging is personal, it doesn’t matter if you’re reviewing products or books, writing about your journey, or your job – it’s all about you and what you think. That’s the niche! I love it!

    Great post!

  5. Amen! That was the thing that finally made me drop out of BlogFrog after the SITS Summer of 2010 … all the focus on niches! (They do kind of make one itch!) I never fit comfortably in any of them and it made me crazy to feel like I was the awkward girl in the corner because I didn’t fit in a niche! I’m me! And I’m pretty doggone awesome!

  6. I had to laugh at that search term.

    I’m not a niche blogger- well, depending on who you ask. B/c some say mommy blogger is too broad a term for a niche. And others say it is a niche.

    I’ve tried not to listen to niche talk. 🙂

  7. That last line pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Great post my friend. 🙂

  8. I tmight be nit-che in USA but for English based it is nee-sche orhowever you spelt it
    but like you said it is redundant
    no more
    I blog holistically.
    even if I cant spell

    I am the Admin for come see us (not case sensitive)

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