Hunting Happy

First let me thank my mom for entrusting me with one of her decorative Easter egg as I took it outside for photographing.

Looking at an egg nestled in the grass waiting to be discovered, I started thinking about the little eggs of happiness that are seemingly hidden right in front of us.

I’ve had some dark days lately and sometimes it feels as though I have stepped on more eggs than I have discovered.

I have found myself breaking down at the smallest thing, but oddly it is not some sappy movie on Hallmark or really anything sad that is doing it.

Its these little hidden eggs of happiness that I didn’t see. It’s a friend who calls out of the blue to see if they can be a shoulder. It’s a troubled relationship of the past that is finally mending. It’s a quick kiss from a child that was not expected. It’s when someone remembers something that is important to you.

As I am clawing my way to “Coloring Myself Happy” I am learning to watch for the hidden eggs and tuck them safely in my basket.

One of my shiniest eggs right now was a moment I shared with my twin sister yesterday. After I dropped the girls off for their first visitation with their dad, I needed some distraction and let me tell you….my sister is the Queen of Distraction.

We first stopped off at a Starbucks and she insisted we go inside. Wha? Go inside? I’ve had small children for the past 5 years and never dreamed to go inside. Well, that and I virtually never go to Starbucks. To prove that last statement true…I allowed my sister to order my drink. After spouting off 15 instructions to the coffee dude; I had to look at her in awe. To order like that? THAT is an art.

All the tables were full so I still didn’t get to actually “sup” (sorry…just wanted to use that word) within the actual building. Instead we drove to a local park and walked beside the lake. More specifically…we avoided stinky men joggers who can’t seem to move their upper body in accordance with their legs, fell “prey” to single men and their cute puppies on a leash (Awww) and laughed at our lack of stone skipping skills when there is a fat turtle on a log blocking the way with obvious indifference. (Back off PETA…no turtle was harmed although I think I might have thrown out my wrist)

I didn’t expect to find that egg that morning nestled in a dark place, but it showed up and I eagerly put it in my basket.

What is your favorite hidden egg that you have recently found?

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  1. I definitely relate to that. My whole family was in town this weekend and it turned into both a literal and a figurative hidden egg. I didn’t really have it in me to sort out the Easter egg hunt thing this year, but my sister brought over all sorts of stuff and set it all up. I got to watch my little guy do the first egg hunt where he really understood what it was about, and it was amazing. I didn’t see that coming and I’m so grateful to her for doing that. I needed that and didn’t know it.

  2. I’m glad you found your egg. We had a very relaxed holiday weekend where no decisions had to be made on my part. Decision making is hard for me when depression is at its darkest. We ended the evening with Wii bowling and I drank a margarita. Very much needed. I hope your eggs continue to not hide themselves too hard for you. It’s easier when they’re in the somewhat open.

  3. Hey, girl! So glad you are finding some happiness. Sounds like you and your sister had a great time together. Love those unexpected moments of peace. Hang in there!

  4. I cry at every one of your posts lately. Maybe I’m just hormonal.
    But I love how you incorporated “finding”those moments in places that you never expected. I love when a smile lights up our dark places, YOU do that for me. With a word or call or text, you lift me up when I feel like I can’t find the light switch myself.

    I want your days to be SUNNY, Bright and conducive to finding all the special gifts that I know this world and life has to offer you.

    I loved that picture and all the words you wrote. xo

  5. First visitation with their dad, I bet that was hard for you. Things are changing for you and it will take time to iron it all out. I’m glad you are growing closer with your sister and spending time together. Continue to take care of you.

    PS. If you buy Starbucks beans or ground coffee at Target or any grocery store, on the side of the bag, there’s a little section that mentions how if you bring the empty bag into a Starbucks (or drive-through) you get a free tall coffee! I keep several of those little bags in the glove box of my minivan. Believe me, they are my sanity savers! And just to perk it up, I ask for a shot of white chocolate. Usually they don’t even make me pay for it! Just FYI 🙂

  6. Unexpected acts of kindness always affect me more than sappy commercials.
    Your writing is more beautiful than ever Alycia.. I hope you keep finding those eggs of happiness. 🙂

  7. I have so much to say but for now “I want you to know i am praying for you. I love the new blog layout. I have never ordered more than a hot chocolate and vanilla bean scone from starbucks

  8. Your photography amazes me.
    I am so happy for you, for this new space you’ve created, and for your strength and courage.


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