Reaching Higher

I’ve been watching my oldest daughter on a tire swing the past few days. Each day she takes it a little higher and her smile gets a little brighter.  It’s almost as though she is pushing the ride to take her to her “happy”.

I was talking to a friend the other day who saw a picture of her laughing and swinging. We discussed how happy she was and how I hated that eventually she had to get off the swing and put her feet back on solid ground.

I think that is where I am a lot of the time. I’m enjoying the ride, but constantly thinking about when it has to end. I’m not ready to put my feet back on the solid ground of reality.

How I wish I could be more like my daughter. Not focused on where she was before she got on the swing and never thinking that the ride will ever end.

In the moment.


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  1. Being in the moment is an important skill we have to relearn as adults but I still think no matter what the well-being gurus tell us we have to think ahead, plans don’t just make themselves and it isn’t always practical to just drift through life. The best we can do is every now and again step out of the worry in to the now and relax.

  2. this is exactly what I think happiness really is, living in the moment. Knowing that what came before and what is on it’s way is not impacting the joy of this “right now”.

    like I do, I wish that for you…..for the pure HAPPINESS that you deserve.

  3. I totally understand that. I have moments where I swing like that, and sometimes the fear of coming back down paralyzes me. Soon enough all you’ll have is that beautiful feeling of continuously flying.

    • It is that moment when you have to come down that is so scary. It shouldn’t be because that is where we are meant to be, but there are time when the joy of flying makes the earth seem uncertain. Thank you for coming here to see me.

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