Magic With Kids

During the weekend I sent out a tweet that I was hiding and spray painting rocks with glitter. After a little explaining, I still was receiving emails and direct messages about “what on earth was I doing??” So I wanted to take some time today to share how I create magical memories for my kids. You can also go HERE to join in on a discussion. (That is the Pixorial community where I am a community leader. Lots of great discussions about memories, preserving memories, video, pictures, etc. going on there)

Wishing On A Star:

What you will need:

  • Rocks (your choice of size. Just make sure that they aren’t big enough to go through a window or bonk a baby’s head)
  • Silver or Gold glitter spray paint
  • A decorated “wish” box that will house your “stars” (Let your kids decorate with paint, glitter, gems, etc.)
  • A special toy that you know your child has “wished” for.
  • A few hours by yourself (Good luck with that!!!)

How to:

After you have collected your rocks, give them a good coating of your glittery spray paint. Make sure you have plenty of time for them to dry because once they are dry you are going to throw them all over the backyard. (Count your rocks and make sure the kids collect them all. Otherwise if you break your lawnmower blade with a glitter rock, it’s not my fault)

Get your box and craft supplies and take the afternoon with your children making a “Wish Box”. Tell them that this is where they will put their collected stars that hold their wish. They will set this box of stars on the front porch at night and in the morning will get to see if their wishes came true.

Once it is dark and you and the kiddos are doing your normal routine. Casually approach a window and exclaim with great delight that you saw a falling star! (It is imperative that your children know all about the whole “make a wish on a falling star” thing or else this is not going to work at all)

Go outside (and I hope to heavens you remember where you placed your “stars”) and let your kiddos collect their stars.

Once back inside, prompt each child to make their wish on their star and place it in the box outside. Suggest that toy they have been wanting and usually (not always…there is always that one kid that wants a flying unicorn that smells like rainbows) they will go along with the toy wish.

After they have gone to sleep, place their toys along with the empty wish box outside. (Do not sprinkle glitter around to add to the magic on your porch…this is a pain to get off)

The final step is just to wake them up in the morning and do a big “TA-DAH!!!!”

That is all it takes to create a magical memory. A little time, some creativity and glitter! Have fun making your wishes!!!

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13 replies

  1. Cute idea!! What a fun activity to do with kids…

  2. I remember that tweet – knew you were up to something good. Only magical moms create magical moments – shiny moms spread magic on their little ones. I’m smiling because of this – and I also want a unicorn that smells like rainbows – please and thank you. May God Bless and Keep you

  3. Well, isn't this a cute idea! I will have to remember this for when we have grandkids! (Which I hope is a long time from now, BTW)And I completely agree on the 'extra' glitter for effect. Bad idea. 'Magic Reindeer Food' has lots of glitter in it. *AHEM… not fun to clean up.Such a great mommy!

  4. I read this post this morning, when I really needed some magic..and just smiled. I can't wait until the boys are big enough to understand this and do it. A year or so. I have copied it and put it in my KIDS STUFF folder , to keep it and do it too. thanks for MAGIC, right when I needed it most. πŸ™‚ xo

  5. Are you kidding me? This is the greatest idea ever. My little boy is only 2 but I'm using this as he gets older. Thank you!

  6. This is such a sweet idea!

  7. LOVE that idea! Putting it on my to do list!

  8. I love doing things like this.

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