Spring has finally sprung

 New life coming back from sleep.

Reaching back to the sun who kissed it awake

Delighting in warm light and embracing growth

Small treasures that caress the soul

Sun touched smiles and growing laughter

This is my happy ever after (OK so they won’t let go of their snow boots)
On a side note…this is where we are in construction. We have spent the morning climbing massive dirt piles.

Categories: Macro photography, Spring

4 replies

  1. Love the photos! The girls are precious!And I am so jealous of the nice weather!

  2. So pretty! All of it/them. I absolutely adore the way you're all tranquil and caressing the Spring-dome and then you crack me up. Classic!

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous images of spring and your beatiful girls.

  4. OK since google reader seems to eat your feed I now get you through email. Take that Google HAHA.. Your little girls are ADORABLE.. I love little painted nails. Nothing I love more then when my great niece who is 3 comes over and the first thing we must do is paint her nails, fingers and toes. I am so jealous of that green grass, hoping ours looks like that soon.

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