Happy Place

A small spot, a seemingly insignificant space.
It was made just for me; my happy place.
I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me,
“Father help me be the best mother I can be.”
The worries of the day, the fears of my mind,
are swept far away and peace I find.
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker’s Man.
Lord, help me guide them the best that I can.
A tender touch and the softest sigh,
Sleepy yawns and a lullaby.
Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?
Thank you God for my babies, my heart is full.
Small baby curls and softer skin,
Dimpled cheeks, a gentle grin.
Five Little Ducks Went Out To Play,
“Father, Bless these children” silently I pray.
The creak of the rocker in perfect time,
With giggles from a recited nursery rhyme.
Minutes creep by and mourned as they pass,
Until sleep claims their eyes at last.
Yet, still I rock, watching a dreaming face.
Holding my children is my happy place.

This post was prompted by a conversation I had with some friends about our “Happy Place”. You can read @fourplusanangel emotional response HERE.

Categories: happy place, poem

8 replies

  1. Such a sweet, sweet poetic piece. Perfect.

  2. Such a sweet post! Love it!With all of the chaos going on right now, my happy place is me being in the arms of my husband with our kids snuggled up close, too!

  3. That is very cute. You never cease to amaze me with what you come up with.

  4. Well, that's just about the coolest thing I've read in a while. Happy place, indeed.

  5. *sniffles* Rocking sleeping babies is one of my happy places, too. Pure love, right there.

  6. I cried…like little sobs rocking me. Maybe because even when things r hard..those boys of mine so hard earned, are. A happy place I'd never thought I'd fine. This was so wonderful and a reminder I really needed. Can I print and keep?LOVE your words!

  7. This was a reminder of all the great lines branded into my brain, way in the back so I had to be jostled awake, as a child and now as a mother.

  8. Oh I love this! Nigh Nigh time can be so stressful at our house. This will stick with me and hopefully help ours more peaceful, reflective.

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