A Chalk Line

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There is a chalk line in my driveway. A perfect outline silhouette in dust. This is far less exciting that you would think and nothing criminal has happened. It’s all part of the construction stuff, but it has caused much jabbering in my house. A chalk line is perfectly magical to a 5 year old and a 3 year old. 
Who put it there?
Why did they put it there?
Why did they pick that color?
Can I write my name too?
The constant chalk line talk was abruptly put to an end by the appearance of the Port-a-Potty.
A couple of days ago there was a knock on the door. I peered out at an unmarked van and friendly Hispanic face. In broken English he told me he had my toilet. I’m thinking the one that is going in the new bathroom that has yet to be built. He wants to know where to put it. I tell him I can open the garage door and we can put it in there close to where it will be used. He is very confused and says something about it can’t go there. Not wanting to adorn my yard with a porcelain throne, I insist that we should just put it in the garage. He looks at me in utter disgust at my suggestion and wants to know how he will clean it from in there. I am thrilled to learn that not only do I have a new toilet but it comes with a person who is going to clean it.  I finally call the head contractor and tell him that someone just showed up with a toilet. He replied, “Oh…the portable toilet for the crew?”
So now I have a fancy, schmancy Port-a-Potty in the front yard and I am already imagining who I am going to tip this sucker on. I’ll be watching Mr. Loud Hammer who wakes the baby from nap time. First chance he goes to settle down his bum…..He’s mine. *evil laugh*
The girls are fascinated with the outdoor potty room. My mother-in-law is less than thrilled that we taught them to say that is “Nana’s new house” They want to know all about it. 
How does the door work?
Where does the stuff go?
Is it like the magic elevator in Willy Wonka? (Well I don’t know about up or down but when Mr. Loud Hammer goes in there it is certainly going sideways)
The joys of construction. The joys of construction with kids.

Have you recently done a construction project with kids? What was their favorite part?

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5 replies

  1. ya know…the port a potty in the front yard is a nice touch. i'd put some pink flamingos around to decorate it though.

  2. oh my goodness, I seriously loved hearing about this. While we have never done any kind of construction while the kids have been around, I can only imagine. It's so amazing that something so simple is so magical to children.

  3. Hahaha. Cute post. Funny as ever. I also read your Red Chair post. Beautiful.

  4. I'm really thinking you need to go with Lynn's suggestion above. We want pictures of it, too! ha!

  5. This is fracking hilarious…I can only imagine the look on his face when you said to put it in the garage. Tip that sucker!

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