We are way past that fluffy heart thing…

Sometimes the whole squishy fluffy heart ordeal of Valentine’s Day gets to me. By “gets to me”, I mean throw up in my mouth a little and roll my eyes. Especially the commercials for jewelry companies. Way to make light of my love by throwing a little you must purchase bling out there. It’s as if my love isn’t real if I am not in a remote cabin during a thunderstorm with my man there to wrap his arms around me and slide a chain around my neck….wait…doesn’t that sound a lot like a slasher film?
Anyways, my man and I…we are way past that fluffy heart thing. We’ve moved past the conversation heart that says “Love ya” and into the screaming from the bathroom when the paper roll is empty, “I need you!!”

I think the “I need you!!” phase is so much more indicative of true love, lasting love.

“I need you!!” (the kids just flushed a wonder pet, whole roll of toilet paper and my wallet. I’m now standing ankle deep in some sort of sludge that is making my skin crawl. Actually I think something is crawling around down here.)

“I need you!!” (I thought I would hang some curtains and somehow I got twisted around to where I am stuck on a ladder with fabric swirled around my head.)

“I need you!!” (I just suffered a finger slice from the kitchen knife you keep way too sharp and although I am not going to bleed to death here, I need to be over dramatic and get a band-aid)

“I need you!!” (I’m standing in the parking lot of a huge store and actually forgot where I parked the car. I’ve been wandering the aisles for 20 minutes in the rain and just needed you to remind me to hit the stupid panic button on the car remote. Oh…look that blinking, honking car 3 spaces over is mine.)

“I need you!!” (I was walking up the stairs with our dinner from take-out and my water just broke. We should go to the hospital. What do you mean you are going to eat first…seriously???)

This is not my husband either nor a depiction of my husband – Google Images

The romantic gestures are just that….a gesture. When you have been married for a while you need more than a gesture; you need ACTION. That’s where the “I need you” part comes in. It’s about the rise to action. I know that I am loved more than ever because my husband is constantly in ACTION for me. Rising to the occasion. White knight on a charging steed. Battling dragons and evil queens (alright…so we still have issues with the mother-in-law from time to time) All that good jazz that requires love to be more than just words.

This is not my husband but Google Images – Thankyouverymuch

I know that if there is ever a time that I am stuck in the bathtub again screaming like a banshee “I NEED YOU!!!” he will be there. Laughing, pointing, getting the video camera for YouTube….but he will be there. (True story: I was 9 months pregnant and thought soaking in baby oil would stop a case of itching skin. I’ll just let you imagine that one for a minute…you’re welcome.) I know that we are way past the fluffy heart thing and into ACTION love.

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7 replies

  1. Action love is where it's at! And good luck with those baby oil baths again. =)

  2. Did he happen to take photos of the baby oil incident? LOLI've got nothing against bling, but it certainly won't make a difference when I need a hug, reassurance or a good ol' fashioned romp 😉

  3. I love that description! It's so true and action love speaks so much more than the fluffy love. Thanks for reminding me that action love is where it's at! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Oh my goodness, my hubs has been there for me so many times, more than I can count. He's all about the ACTION. Thank goodness! I'm so glad they are there when we need them and vice versa. Happy Valetine's Day girl!

  5. I'm not a VDay/fluffy person today, either. So glad I'm not alone. And would give anything to see you in a tub of baby oil! LMAO (oh wait, that sounds bad!)

  6. So much truth in your post(s). I love that about you! You make my day! 🙂

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