Project 365 Day 15

I’ve been asked a lot recently what is the deal with the crayons. Am I really THAT crazy about crayons? Well…yes. Crayons play a big part on my blog, because of my kids. Yes, we like to color. It’s more than that though.

I see my kids as crayons. Each one has its unique strengths. Together as they blend they can create beautiful pictures of life, but separately each one shines. As they find their “color” in life they learn how to create their future by using their “color”.

Whether it the brightness of a yellow. Warm and inviting.

The calmness of a blue. Relaxed and fluid.

The strength of a red. Powerful and arresting.

Their “color” makes them unique and defines them. We use our knowledge of these colors to help guide them as they are learning who they are and why they should be celebrated.

…and that is one of the reasons that we “color outside of the lines” and I call myself “The Crayon Wrangler”

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