Project 365 Day 14

Boom Boom Ain’t it great to be crazy…
So the Scribblers and I have been cooped up in the house for almost a solid 3 weeks. First it was because of the snow, then sickness, then I was being a selfish jerk and didn’t want to do anything, more snow, more sickness and now more snow on the way.
I have done everything humanly possible to entertain and to keep us from going stir crazy. We have filled up about 14 coloring books, had dance parties, dress up, tea parties, played dollies, hide-n-go seek, dialed 411 on my cell and asked the operator for “Sanity” and many other various games/activities. My husband drew the line when I tried to get them to play Houdini and bind them in the closet. He’s such a spoil sport.
I think this is one of the times when being a mom is the hardest. The moment when you realize that your bag of tricks is empty, there is no rabbit in your hat and nothing is up your sleeves. The childrens’ eyes start to lose the sparkle when they realize it’s just another day just like yesterday. Let’s face it, my eyes are sparkling either. We are going crazy and sometimes that is just not fun.
I strive so hard to challenge my kids to be creative, to make the most out of nothing and to find things to laugh about. So after breakfast this morning when I realized that I was indeed staring at an empty hat with no rabbit inside. It was time to embrace the Bozo and have a clown party. We will learn how to slip on banana peels (because someone hasn’t cleaned up after breakfast) squirt water at each other (because that’s the most effective way to clean smeared banana off a child) juggle (because that’s the only way to serve lunch to three kids who all want something different) and perfect the “Sad Face” (because we are so sick and tired of being impounded within this house)

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