Hello Blissdom…This is me.

After if was decided that I will be going to Blissdom, I started to faithfully watch the Twitter stream to see what all was being said about it. After clicking through links on what to wear, pictures that will be taken and seeing person after person fret about their first impression; I began to start feeling nervous myself. So I wanted to knock all those formalities out of the way and give you an honest first impression. That way you will know me when we meet for real.

This is me. I have wrinkles. I have gray hair. I am on a diet because I need it. I’m not comfortable in my clothes and I’m not buying anything new to wear because it would be purchased on emotion and that’s never good for me. The last conference I went to I purchased a dress that was classy. I didn’t feel too classy because I had to suck in the entire time and felt very light headed by the time it was all over.  I laugh a lot and I have a natural knack of one-liners. I’m also very sensitive. I really want to meet you, but it’s probably going to feel awkward at first. This is OK because you and me…well, we are strangers and it takes time to feel like yourself. You people are about the only ones who listen to me. Heaven knows my kids don’t. The main thing about meeting you…I don’t want to impress you, I want to make an impression on you. If you don’t regularly read here, I’m just a mom. That’s it. I don’t want to compare labor stories or poop stories. I’m not going to tell you about how perfect my marriage or my mothering is, because apparently I have a lot to learn. I do want to hear about you and your passions. Once the conference is over (unless there is a picture of you and I) I will not remember what you were wearing, if it was the latest fashion or if you were sucking in. I will remember YOU and the stories that we shared together.

So hello Blissdom…this is me.

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