Project 365 Day 7

There are a ton of captions for this picture, but who am I fooling…I just wanted to copy this.

Seriously though, there is nothing like being snowed in for days, having limited internet and feeling cut off to give you a sense of what Will Smith’s character was feeling like in “I Am Legend”. OK So we don’t have zombies running around (that I know of) and it’s more than just me in the house…you get the point. Maybe not?

Disclaimer: Before somebody comes on here to point out the weapon and barrage me with comments…Yes, it’s real. It’s unloaded. I don’t normally cradle any kind of weapon while I am sleeping. The only thing unsafe about this picture is the dog toenail that you can’t see that is digging in my chest during this picture….wait…now you are going to think that I was being cruel to the dog too…

Disclaimer #2: No animals were hurt or forced against their will for the creation of this photo. Sam (pictured above) is a highly photogenic animal who regularly takes baths in the big bathtub. He like to soak in the bubbles, drink a glass of wine and nibble of a piece of cheese. He also enjoys walks on the beach. Alright, so that was a lie. He doesn’t know what a beach is. I’m sure he would enjoy it though. His toenail was only digging into me because of the limited space we had and the glaze on the tub was slick. Geez…someone is going to think that the bathtub was harmed in the making of this picture…

Disclaimer #3: No bathtubs were scratched in the making of this picture. If you actually read this disclaimer because it applied to your way of thinking…you are seriously messed up and need a new cause to rant against.

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