December is a super busy month for us. At the end it always leaves you feeling like you just slid into first base and barely escaped getting tagged with the ball.

There are 2 birthdays with Christmas thrown in.

Our oldest daughter turned 5.

It’s been a good year for our Buzz. She is doing so much better in her socialization and speech. We are still awaiting a formal diagnosis as she is testing within Aspergers and/or Sensory Integration Dysfunction. She is really thriving in “country life” and getting to have her own dog. I am so proud of how far she has come this year. Even when she gets mad at me and stomps her feet and says “I don’t like you”; I have to cheer because she is articulating emotion. It hurts, but with 3 girls who are going to go through puberty; I better get used to it.


Next up I had a fun photo shoot with the best group of kids and Santa. Don’t try to tell me that this Santa wasn’t real because he just HAD to be! I had a blast watching all the kids sit on his lap and got the privilege of hearing a lot of their Christmas wishes. I loved watching their innocent belief in the magic of Santa. This is one of my favorite from the group of pictures. I am anticipating a good year in my studio for 2011…besides, Santa promised!

To top it all off with the magic of Christmas we got a White Christmas this year. Snow started falling Christmas Eve and fell all day Christmas. It was our first Christmas at our new house and we now know that when it snows, we are stuck on our hill. We were unable to go to my parents house for Christmas and it really threw a wrench in our plans. We ended up feasting on “Kitchen Sink burritos” since I had nothing cooked. It is not something that we want to become tradition, but we enjoyed each other and the magic of Christmas day. We had a Surprise Party for Baby Jesus (my 5yo idea) and opened presents.
After Christmas was Baby Bitsy’s 1st birthday. I cant believe it has already been a year that she has been in the family. She has been our best baby yet. Always happy, never demanding and not too loud. (HAHA) She is often overlooked in the chaos of the house but has learned to get right in with the big girls and make herself known. She isn’t walking yet, but that’s because she is too smart to walk. She has her sisters trained to carry her wherever she wants to go. 

That’s about all for now. I am still dusting myself off from the December chaos and looking forward to the new year. I am also super excited because I am going to get to go to Blissdom this year after all. Let’s just say there IS a Santa! Hoping to get a “Year In Review” post knocked out in the next couple of days, until then….Toodles!

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  1. Awwww…they are so cute! And that Santa???? AMAZING!How is the studio going?

  2. The studio is doing well. I have quite a bit of appointments (weddings, newborns, maternity and senior portraits) set up in the New Year (which I better get as many as I can seeing that 2012 will be the cut off with the end of the world and such) I am crossing my fingers that some word of mouths came through!Miss you girl! We'll have to skype soon

  3. Our babies are our blessing. What sweet girls you have. Sorry you got stranded on Christmas.

  4. Sounds like you made the best out of a tough December. I really like how your five year old though to throw Baby Jesus a surprise party – adorable! Happy New Year!

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