Blank 365

A full 365 days with nothing scheduled. I got my new calendar for 2011 yesterday and flipped through it. I guess cause I thought maybe a new month had been inserted or maybe just an extra week was added to the 52. I love my calendars and use them as a sort of diary. The days are filled with what was for dinner, if laundry got done, doctor’s appointments, play dates, shopping trips and random things the kids have done. At the end of the year I love to review it before it goes in the trunk with all the calendars before it.

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There is something about that new calendar though. You open it up and it smells of new print, new possibilities and the enticement of daily choices. There is nothing on the schedule; a blank 365.

365 days just waiting to be filled with what I choose to put on there. It can end up being as hectic or peaceful as I allow it to be. I go through the calendar and put the appropriate stickers on birthdays and anniversaries. Then I hang it on the fridge with a pen next to it. It’s ready. Ready for the new year whether I am or not. I know that with these 3 kids, my husband’s work, my photography business and everything else that fills our days that this moment of a blank 365 is fleeting; so I enjoy it. 365 days to make a choice for my family and myself. Will this be the year that my photography booms? Buzz will be starting school this year, is she going to enjoy it? Will we take a family vacation this year? So many blank little squares just waiting to be filled with all we accomplish, desire, overcome and want to do. 365 separate boxes that are giving us a choice with how we live out the year.

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  1. I too use a good old fashion calendar. I fill it with all the important stuff. Football games, camping,and so many other events. I love to look at it at the end of the year while I transfer all the birthdays to the new one and review the year and replay all the memories in my head 😉

  2. You've just inspired me to keep a good old fashioned calendar around! My phone has become my side-kick, and it's calendar has replaced any that we used to have!Love this post…starting out fresh, looking forward…have a blessed 2011!!

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