Santa Approved

I got the thumbs up from Santa tonight!

Wanted to do a little chat about giving presents…

We are conditioned to mutter “it’s not about the gifts” “presents are not what is important” Until we feel guilty about having the stress of finding the perfect gift, getting things wrapped, crossing off names on our shopping lists. We wander the toy stores, search sale papers and when we walk away empty handed we reprimand ourselves about how it is not about the gifts and we should feel ashamed at our disappointment. When we finally find that perfect gift, our hearts rejoice as we picture the face of the recipient opening it in awe.
So say it out loud and feel good about it…

It is about the gifts. The presents are important. Getting family and friends something that they want is essential for Christmas.

That feels better doesn’t it. Now I will tell you why I think it is OK. God gave us his son as a gift for humanity, to save us, to show us true love and forgiveness. The Magi brought gifts to honor the king, they brought their best. Christmas, through the eyes of believers, is full of gifts.

As parents, we use Christmas to teach our children of the Virgin Birth, traditions, a time for giving. We use Christmas as a time to be a little bit kinder to strangers. Christmas becomes a time for miracles.

Whatever your tradition may be (opening presents of Christmas Day, pjs for Christmas Eve, Advent, Epiphany, trimming the tree, stockings, etc.) it has something to do with giving of gifts. Just as God gave a gift. We use those gifts to show family and friends how much we care about them and want to give them our best. It is totally natural to stress about these gifts. The quest to fill the desires of our children’s list to Santa, to find something that someone in your family wants, get them wrapped and presented. It is important that we feel like we gave our best; that we produced a Christmas that follows our traditions and created memories to last the years.

So good luck as you continue in the next few days to make this Christmas “perfect” for you and your family. Don’t feel guilty about focusing on the presents. I am thankful that to God it was all about the “gift” and his heart rejoiced at our awe of receiving His gift at Christmas.

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5 replies

  1. I could not agree more! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas. Amy

  2. I think this is very nice. That is why the wife and I dont buy gifts for some people, for the sake of just buying gifts. Its harder to teach younger kids but we are trying to each year little by little about the better meaning of the season. But for now, I get joy in seeing my kids face light up when they get someting they want.You have a great way of writing something and bringing a life lesson into it.

  3. Perfect. Absolutely perfect and spot on!!

  4. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I think it's about finding a balance. Gifts are certainly fun and I love getting something special for family and friends. But when all we do is get together, open gifts, and leave, I think it leaves a little to be desired. Make sure your building time to focus on family and Christ too! 🙂

  5. Thank you! Christmas is a time for family and for showing them that you care. Gifts are part of that. Exchanging exactly what you want does not mean anything, but really putting time in choosing gifts for people, stressful or not, is what the season is about.

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