Ho Ho OhNo

There was a time not too long ago,
Christmas was full of ho-ho-ho.
But then came the children
Three messy whirlwinds
And now it is Ho-Ho-OhNo

The tree is leaning and barely upright,
There is no such thing as “Silent Night”
The manager and Mary are missing
Santa and Joseph are kissing
The placing of the star always causing a fight.

The tree ornaments are always hung above 4 feet
Cause we’ve learned they are a toddler’s favorite treat
The popcorn strand was ate
The mistletoe met the same fate
There is tinsel stuck on the dog’s ears and feet.

The garland is used for roping and jump rope,
The stockings are hung with duct tape and hope.
Candy canes are licked one time each
Baby Jesus is safely placed out of reach.
Trying to keep everything safe would bring a cuss from the Pope.

There is something about that Christmas Day glow,
You forget about all the angst, pain and woe.
When your childrens’ eyes light
Because Christmas turned out all right
It makes it all worth the Ho-Ho-OhNo.

Categories: poems

6 replies

  1. Santa and Joseph are kissing! LOL!!!

  2. Apparently you've visited my house this week!! lol. Thanks for this. It pretty much describes what we're going through with our own little 3 tornadoes. 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

  3. Sounds like a familiar carol I used to sing!! :Dcute.Suzanne

  4. You have some classic lines in there. Very nice

  5. I thought this might be about my boyfriend, Apolo Ohno, so I popped over to see what it was about. Still, I enjoyed it. =)

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