In 5 Days

Today marks a very special angel’s 1st birthday. Cora, who in just 5 short days accomplished a mission few of us will in a 70 year life span.

I want to share her birthday with you today. I learned of Cora and her mother and felt an immediate bond. As mothers we both had a baby born close together and we both learned about CHD (Congenital heart disease) after our babies were born. My baby’s heart condition turned out to be nothing more than a hole in the heart that ended up closing on its own. Her baby’s heart condition took her life.
Cora spent 5 days with her family. 5 days of knowing nothing in this world but love. As her mother penned it…

“5 perfect days”
Those 5 perfect days inspired her mother to begin campaigning for the spread of information to parents about CHD. I watched as day after day she tirelessly educated herself and others about this disease that claims so many lives. She focused on the pregnant and the newly delivered writing posts about the need for blood oxygen tests at birth and I saw mother after mother thank her for her efforts. Not only did Cora inspire her mother to educate, but to do deeds of kindness in Cora’s name. Then a movement started. All around the nation people wore pink ribbons and did deeds because of Cora’s 5 perfect days. We may never know the extent of Cora’s reach, but we know it is far and many have benefited because of her.
Cora and her mother will always have a special place in my heart. Cora’s 5 perfect days were short in time, but powerful in their impact. Cora mattered. Thank you to her mother who not only gave her life but shared Cora with all of us. 

Happy 1st birthday Cora!

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