So much has been happening these past few weeks that I have barely written here and when I do write; I don’t want to waste all that typing trying to tell you everything. I have found a “Blogger App” on my phone and am considering using that and doing shorter more frequent posts from my phone when a thought hits me. I try to save up until I have time to sit down at the computer, but my sitting time is getting sparkly horn unicorn rare.

Just in the moment after I typed the last few words above I had to save a 11 month old who was tangled in garland, vacuum half a dozen crushed Nilla Wafers from the rug, pour 2 cups of juice, adjust the temp on my pork roast and realize I forgot salt, refill my coffee, explain how an egg is laid and then Obama called me on that matter of “World Peace” that he wanted solved. My mind is pulled in 40 directions all at once and I have got retain some sort of control over the gray matter spillage. Oh yeah and I told Obama to figure out himself. I didn’t have time because I was trying to figure out how we are going to afford health insurance this year plus put food on the table.

The two biggest thoughts that have gone on in my little brain that I want to pass to you are:

Pay It Forward – I heard these words spoken at Baby Sophia’s funeral by her father. It was mentioned several times about the abundance of FaceBook fans and people that have come together to pray for and support her during Baby Sophia’s brief stay here on Earth. There is strength in numbers and all of YOUR numbers added up and provided her family with prayers, support and generosity. Sophia’s father asked that her time here on Earth should “mean something” and for us to walk away from her death and “pay it forward”. So….what is “IT” that we are paying forward? It’s super simple folks. The “IT” is “YOU” The giving of YOUR time, prayers, talent, money, etc. for the help in easing someone else’s burden. To let someone out there who is struggling with their health, health of a family member, etc. to know that they are not alone and they are supported. Thanks to the internet, it is not difficult to find these situations. Around every corner is a heartbreak waiting for a miracle. I ask that you get involved and get your knees dirty in prayer, support, etc. Let someone know that they are not alone and that they matter. PAY IT FORWARD and when you do it…think of a precious angel named “Sophia” and let’s show her parents that her life matters. Perhaps you buy an extra box of food this Christmas for a family in need, buy a toy for a needy child, give a donation to help the homeless, give blood, or support another family in crisis…any of these things….when you do it for Sophia go visit her family’s Facebook page and let them know that you “PAID IT FORWARD”

Indoctrination – I swear I am not picking on a particular person here, but rather a movement. I recently was in a discussion where a mother was teaching her 5 year old daughter about Christian faith. She was questioned over the fact that she was “indoctrinating” her young child and influencing the impressionable mind rather than allowing her child to grow up with a chance to choose her beliefs. Folks, it is time for us Christians to quit being the nail and start being a hammer. It’s time to stop tip toeing around the non-believers and trying to not offend their civil liberties. They ask us not to indoctrinate our children with our beliefs, but rather indoctrinate them with non-belief….which is a belief of its own. It’s backwards to say the least. Christian parents…it’s time to teach our children the basic moral codes of being Christ like. To tend to the needy, feed the hungry, love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable and things like honesty and integrity are a “must have”. God was not passive when he wiped out cities of sin. Jesus was not concerned with offending civil rights when he threw people out of the temple. Jesus was not timid when it came time to die. It’s time to be a hammer!

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  1. Love this… especially the indoctrination part. We had a lesson in my Sunday school class yesterday, about how we are supposed to be sharing the gospel, but by not doing so, we're basically saying “i'm ashamed of the gospel”. Needless to say, my toes were quite bloody as I left class, but BOY was our teacher right on!!

  2. Amen, amen, AMEN!!!! You are so right…why is it WE, the silent majority, take so much crap from those whose beliefs differ from ours, yet we don't speak up for OUR beliefs. If THEY can speak out…so. can. we.AMEN!!

  3. AMEN!!!!!!! You hit the nail right on the head!

  4. ok so i HAD to get in on this post, partly cuz i want to be a HAMMER but mostly cuz i wanna say this: I'm a believer but i dont practice anymore. I believe parent's have a right to teach their children anything they want. In fact, I think they are obligated to teach them in the spiritual practice of the home. Kids will get exposure to other things later but they need YOUR foundation as a spiritual leader, whatever your beliefs.

  5. Loved this post! I agree wholeheartedly with “being the hammer”!

  6. Okay.. so you had me laughing at the Obama thing…. then I enjoyed reading the Pay It Forward part… when I got to the Indoctrination, you had my me in full swing… AMEN to being a Hammer… with love of course.Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

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