This Thanksgiving I am thankful for…

  • 6 half used jars of peanut butter and 8 barely used jars of jelly that are cluttering up the pantry. It means that we have been blessed and my family has enough to eat.
  • The fact that I could find no cold medicine for my splitting sinus headache. It means that my family has been healthy this year.
  • The radio station that dropped the F-bomb this morning that I quickly changed before my children repeated it. It means I live in a country that celebrates its freedoms and all the men/women who sacrificed their lives to ensure that I have those freedoms.
  • The slight feeling of dread at the loud chaos that will take over as 6 adults and 6 children sit down to devour a turkey. It means that I have been blessed with lots of family.
  • The chair that will be empty this year. It means that my Nana no longer suffers, has no pain, no need for wet towels for her head, no frustrations of earthly binds and is celebrating in heaven with her Maker. It also means missing someone means loving them.
  • The traditional gravy that always makes me gag a little. It means that my mother loves us enough to keep with tradition and its always good for a little ribbing year after year.
  • The long and tiring drive to the grocery store for “provisions”. It means that we were blessed enough to find our dream house in the country.
  • The 8 shirts that need to be ironed for The Man. It means that I have a husband to care for that cares for me.
  • The fight that will start as I try to chase down my girls and get them dressed to leave. It means that my children have plenty of energy and independence.
  • My email box and text messages that are full and running down my cell phone battery. It means I live in a time where technology allows me to reach out and connect with family and friends. It also means that someone out there cares that I get a student loan and have white teeth.

During this time of Thankfulness, I want to update on my last post “Involved”. Baby Sophia is now resting in Our Father’s arms after a long fight here on Earth. Today is the funeral and while we begin to count our blessings, please remember those who are struggling to feel “blessed” right now. To those in my lives who have suffered a loss, holidays are a difficult time especially when the loss is raw and fresh. I am so Thankful to have had the blessing of meeting Baby Sophia and all of her family. Her family and her were an inspiration to me. I am thankful for Sophia’s family. That they gave her life and showed her the strength of love during her fight. I am thankful to watch all of Sophia’s family hold tight to faith and surround each other in love.

We have all been so blessed. Sometimes the blessings are small and personal, sometimes they overwhelm us. Be thankful this year for the small and large.

I will be picking back up the blogging after Thursday. I am thankful for all of you and have a great time this Thanksgiving!

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4 replies

  1. Seems like you have alot to be thankful!!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving my friend…I'm sorry that yours is much more difficult this year.(((YOU)))

  3. i love this list. that you took things that we often complain about and turned them into blessings. what a great practice.

  4. What Michelle said šŸ™‚ Love your twist on the thankfulness posts. May Baby Sophia rest in peace

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