30 Days of Truth – Day 2

Day 2: Something you love about yourself. 

Most people I have met struggle with this question. It’s not because they don’t love something about themselves; it’s because they lack the confidence to share that self-love with someone else. Worried about scrutiny of what they like most about themselves. There is nothing like thinking your eyes are your best feature and sharing that with someone only to have them look at you and laugh, saying “Really??”
You may not be doing this 30 Days Of Truth with me, but why don’t you take a minute to tell me what you love about yourself. Seriously. I won’t laugh even if you love the way your pinky toe looks. The things you love about yourself if what makes you uniquely you and that should be celebrated!

What I love about myself…

My humor that is shared with others. I love to make people laugh, but not with a funny joke. I try to show people the humor in their everyday life and that funny connects us. Anybody can regurgitate a good joke and gain laughter, but when you are sitting there about to pull your hair out because the kids have overflowed the toilet, the insurance company is denying your claim, there are bills coming in, your significant other and you had a fight and the dog just puked on the rug...if you can laugh about it; you can live with it. There is a funny in just about anything if you look for it. I love that God gave me a humor that helps me see that and the ability to share that with others.

OK…now it’s your turn. What do you love about yourself? 

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  1. love this. i love to make people laugh but I have to say not everyone can get a good laugh with a joke…i am a HORRIBLE joke teller 🙂

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