Where’s Wrangler

So Where’s Wrangler

Image of Where’s Waldo courtesy of Google Images
It’s been a pretty good week, but as usual when things are good; it means I am busy and I don’t post as much. I have felt pretty out of the loop, but thanks to the Daily Break community by Living Social and The Blog Frog, I have been able to keep some fun going with my online time. If you haven’t headed over there yet, I am a community leader and let me tell you….tons of fun going on with great women and conversations!
I took the girls to a birthday party/pumpkin patch over the weekend and we had a lot of fun there! There was hay rides (hello hay fever) train rides and pumpkin picking. Those two beauties above are Bug and Belly doing the “Found a pumpkin” dance.
I started off the week with a wonderful photo shoot with an amazing young lady who is a senior this year. We have more pictures on Saturday, but she was so much fun, so mature and so photogenic!
Next up was getting the last of my dental work done. I hate mouth pain worse than anything! Seriously…give me labor and delivery any day! Luckily, my dentist believes in after care pain management through narcotics. Well, that pretty much explains where I was for two of the days. 
Tomorrow begins the festivities for Belly’s birthday. 1st party will be Friday night (and I still have no clue what to do at her party….Hello, Mom Of The Year) and another small party on Sunday night. That’s where I have been…and it looks like it won’t be until this weekend before I can check in again with pics from Belly’s party.

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  1. I'm right there with you on the dental pain!! Ugh…put me out for a teeth cleaning!!

  2. I LOVE that photo in the dress. Gorgeous!

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