Twitter #loveletter

First I would like to thank @raymourflanigan for the wonderful suggestion of a follow up letter to Twitter after my horrible break up with Facebook last week. I love when my readers have requests!

Secondly, Disqus is now my commenting system…so hopefully it won’t crash my blog and you and I can talk.


Me: Dear @Twitter I have something really important to confess to you. I have a special place in my heart for you. In fact, I think it might be #truelove 

Twitter: Oops, your message is over 140 characters please try again. 

Me: Dear @Twitter I have something really important to tell you. I think I have #true love for you.


Me: Dear @Twitter I have something really important to tell you. I think I have #true love for you.


Me: Dear @Twitter I have something really important to tell you. I think I have #true love for you.


Me: Dear @Twitter, I am starting to get frustrated. I just want to tell you #iloveyou


Me: OK one hour later…my #truelove for you still has me wanting to confess #lovefortwitter

Twitter: Tweet sent

Me: Only you understand my need to tell people what I just ate, a pic of my cola and obssession with #hashtags

Twitter: Tweet sent

Me: This whole 140 character thing is cramping our relationship too and I don’t like using the extender thing. Do you think we can deepen our relationship with 170 characters?

Twitter Oops, your message was over 140 characters please try again.

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9 replies

  1. Testing 1, 2, 3. It's working, but it's not Disqus.

  2. It appears that Disqus hates me. I went ahead and just took it down. I swore one problem and I would take it to the chopping block. My first commenter couldn't comment so *poof* it's gone. Thanks for retesting it for me!

  3. Yikes, you tried Disqus?! You're brave…one of the reasons I want to switch to WP is the commenting system.Among other reasons…but it seems like so much work!Anywho…damn Fail Whale. Why's he gotta show up so much?

  4. i hate that whale.It's why I like tweetdeck.

  5. I have to admit, I was overjoyed when I saw Discus wasn't really an option here. (Wish I could be a fan … but no.)And this is hilarious. Hi-larry-us.Since you seem to have an “in” with Twitter, could you have a chat with it about knowing how to keep your secrets by NOT letting you accidentally send a DM to the public?

  6. Agreed leslie! There should be a pop up box that says “you may want to recheck your address and message because the whole world is about to read this…”

  7. Me 'n the fail whale are besties today apparently. Thanks for the laugh. Heh.

  8. I knew when Twitter walked in, your heart would be forever changed! Too bad Facebook- ur loss! :)So funny!! You are the best. 🙂

  9. Ha! This is hilarious! I have a mad love little bit of hate relationship with Twitter myself – well, hate for the fail whale. He shows up at the most inconvenient times.

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