Eating Out Of The Same Bowl

Sam has been my faithful companion for many years, the children’s best friend and house guard dog. Hesagoodboy…Hesagoodboy (said in my funny specially reserved for dogs voice) When we got Libby the Wiener to fill the void in Buzz’s heart when she lost her puppy, Sam had a new challenge to deal with. Although Libby is a miniature dachshund; she came with a huge attitude towards the existing household pet. She clearly and sometimes loudly declared she was Alpha in the dog world of our home. Sam was gracious, confused and probably mildly entertained by this creature who didn’t measure up to his knee; declaring her superiority. When it came time to eat she would aggressively attack him to get to the bowl first. When she had her fill and he would go to take his turn; she would stubbornly sit in front of the bowl and growl.

Over some time I have watched them go from bitter rivals to good friends who eat out of the same bowl. It took Sam learning he played too rough sometimes and scared her and it took her realizing that there was plenty of food and love to go around. When I would pet Sam she used to get jealous and try to push him away by use of teeth and growling. Now she has learned to sit back, tail wagging and knows her turn is next.

Our relationships would benefit greatly if we would learn to eat out of the same bowl, to celebrate the good times that someone else is having by wagging our tail and considering that the other person may be uncomfortable with the way we handle things sometimes. If we were all the same what a boring world it would be, but respecting our differences and playing together is the real key to a successful relationship. When we understand that life is big enough for us all to enjoy is when we really start living and having healthy relationships!

In your relationships have you learned that life is big enough or are you eating from the same bowl?

I want to share another bowl with you! There is a great community online that encourages you to make friends, talk about life and even win an awesome prize!

Click the link above to join in the fun with women (and a few men!) just like you! I have the honor of being one the community leaders over there and it has been a privilege to work with so many talented and diverse women! I just know it’s going to make your tail wag, so come and share my bowl!

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3 replies

  1. Hi Crayon – so happy to have you as one of the community leaders in the Daily Break community! Woot! I love that you are so good to your pets. We had a crazy psycho kitty that I would have loved if she hadn't been so crazy. I sort of loved her, in a special way. She was a brown and black calico and reminded me of a Reeses Peanut Butter cup. Yes. That's where the loved stopped.

  2. Love this post and the lessons taught by our furry friends. As we're about to begin our hunt for our own perfect dog-member of the family, it's heart-warming to hear tales/tails like this šŸ˜‰

  3. What an awesome analogy! Love this Been needing to work on my sharing of the bowl with the hubbie. So strange that I would pass by today and this is what you have. Perfect!thankshave a great day

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