If you know me then you know that typically speaking, I hate Fall. It is heralding in colder temps, runny noses, chapped lips, higher electric bills and body numbing blustery winds. Fall has only one redeeming quality. Colors. For PhoTuesday I wanted to show you some of the colors here at Crayon Ranch and the last two are some “just for fun” ones I took of the older girls.

 this is sideways and I can’t seem to straighten it.

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  1. Holy moly does Belly look just like you!!!!!

  2. Okay, dearest, lovely, gorgeous, hilarious, admirable photo mentor of mine…will you share your Photoshop skillz with me when I get it?Purty please?!Fabulous photos…simply fabulous.

  3. BEAUTEOUS! Oh how I love the fall! *jealous jealous jealous*

  4. Lovely!Autumn colours are the only thing I miss about living in the Caribbean… but only miss it a tiny bit.

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