What’s Up Wednesday

So what’s up with you?

If you have been in my community, you will know that I recently discussed a weekly writing schedule. Life has been very hectic lately and I really need the structure. First order of business was needing a small break. I unlugged from Twitter and blogging over the weekend and focused on my family, housework and considering future content.

My schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday Stalker – Where I am going to do link love to my favorite posts of other bloggers from the past week
  • My Take Monday – Opinion Post on products, news, whatever
  • PhoTuesday – Photo post
  • What’s Up Wednesday – A recap of what’s been going on in my household
  • Thursday Trade Off – Guest Post
  • Friday – 5 Question Friday & Macro Friday (the memes I participate in)
  • Second Look Saturday – Where I revive an old post or rewrite an old post idea.

Hopefully it will be a method to my madness.

So since this is What’s Up Wednesday…

This past weekend we spent time unpacking the garage so I could finally park my van inside. Woo-Woot! We stopped unpacking because it was day after day of upper 90s to 110 degrees and I just couldn’t handle working in it. The weather has turned to this side of heaven and so we were able to work out there.

Then my mom had a birthday so my parents, sister and family all came over for a birthday cookout. I was in charge of the cake and had seen instructions for Chocolate Leaves. This is where you gather leaves, wash them, paint with melted chocolate, peel leaf off and produce a chocolate impression of the leaf. First of all, you need to know your plants before undertaking this project. Poison Sumac while it has a beautiful leaf, should not be used for this. TRUST ME! After I got done with the Calamine lotion, I went on to create about 30 something leaves and only had a handful turn out. Here is what they looked like. Not too bad and hopefully it has inspired you to try it. Just be sure and know your poisonous plant species before undertaking this.

After we did some serious grilling and cake eating, we went and played a game of football in the back 40. Fun times unless you have manicured nails (so I have heard…I wouldn’t know) The birthday girl showed that she could still throw a decent spiral even if she was born before football was invented. Happy Birthday MOM! I learned that my sister is a wicked mean football player and watched over and over as she tried to drill her husband. I’m thinking there was some pent up anger there, but nobody had to go to the ER so it’s all good.

In other news, Bitsy has learned to crawl up the stairs. I have looked high and low for the gate connector thing-a-magie pieces, but it appears that they have been lost in the move. She is going today for a well baby checkup. She’s been growing in leaps and bounds so I am anxious to see what she weighs!

The other two girls are just fine and still enjoying life in the country. There has been a lot of improvement of Buzz’s speech and Belly is talking very well, much better than Buzz. It’s kind of sad to watch little sister pass up big sister in speech, but I think it is actually helping Buzz’s speech delay to have the competition of little sister being so easily understood. Buzz is in heaven right now because we had another stray dog show up at the house. This time I called each neighbor individually to see who she might belong to and there were no takers. She is a little Dachshund mix and can amazingly jump onto furniture that is 5X bigger than she is. It’s like me being able to effortlessly jump onto my roof. Anyways, her name is Nacho…as is Nacho dog. Just a reminder to not get too attached in case an owner does show up.

So that’s “What’s Up Wednesday”…what’s up with you?

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4 replies

  1. Well, the cake was delicious even if my daughter didn't offer to let me take the rest home, and I helped develop football, didn't' you know? Thanks, kid!

  2. Looks like you had an enjoyable weekend. Taking a breather is always a good thing. We spent our weekend at an Ice Hockey Tournament. I love watching my boy play. Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

  3. What a great list of ideas for your schedule!! I really need to do that but slimmed down! A post a day may be a bit much for this working mama!!

  4. LOVE the pictures of the girls!! They are growing up so fast! I had to take a double take at Bitsy… she looks JUST LIKE BUZZ! ❤

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