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  1. totally love this.. but then i have been surrounded by all sizes of canning jars lately. Love You perspective.

  2. is that what they are called in the USA? this is a wonderful shot, love the colours and the texture

  3. Mason jars are so pretty! Your shot is gorgeous!

  4. The colors caught on the glass of the jar are so lovely! Great capture.I love your header… and the name of your blog! Your newest follower.Mamahood, Among Other Things…

  5. Wow…great shot, my friend!! Love it!

  6. Beautiful. I like the colors you've captured in the jar. I love mason jars also and if you're interested you can see some I've photographed in a post on my blog.

  7. Great shot!! I love the color that's reflecting in the jar, and the reflection of the jar itself!

  8. Cool shot! I like the reflection. The glass turned out really beautifully in macro! 🙂

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