The Bucket List

Today my family is doing our “Bucket List” as a joint effort.

One head in the bucket at a time according to the “puke” list. Hence the term “Bucket List” (You thought I was talking about skydiving and wrestling an alligator, huh?)

Seems everyone in the house has the stomach bug at the same time. At least we are learning to share. That means bucket duty, lysol duty, sprite and crackers duty and major laundry duty for Mom. (Yay Me!)

It started yesterday with the 2yo. She made her grand debut in front of my “puke sensitive” dad who had just come over to visit. My parents helped me get everything cleaned up and hung around until my husband (Mr. Reinforcement) showed up to help. Then they were gone faster than an ice cream cone on a 100 degree day. The 2 yo is a fast learner and in no time learned to just sit on the edge of the sink to do “her business” and use the sprayer to clean it up.

3 hours later the 4 yo started. She is the Meryl Streep of The Puking Academy. High pitched screaming, arms flailing, foot stomping and no regard what-so-ever for aiming. She is best suited to be strapped down on a tarp.

30 minutes into the award winning performance of The Pukemeister, the baby started. No fuss was made, just a surprised “Hey, look what I just did…OH…I can finger paint with this”

The husband made some kind of remark about his super immune system and how he hasn’t been sick a day since 1991.

Insert Karma, Murphy Law or God just laughing at you.

Now everyone is laid out in the floor and it looks like some kind of cult ritual or hangover party from the day before.

I am prancing around the bodies with cans of Lysol, cups of Sprite for re hydration and a new found respect for triage teams.

Did I mention the baby is also teething?


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9 replies

  1. Been there done it…It's funny how the mom escapes all the “fun” and has to clean up. But when she gets sick, everybody runs. At least that's how it is here. Sending get well wishes.Jewel.

  2. Oh you poor thing. There is nothing worse in the life of mom. Especially when the DH comes down with it too. It is like having another kid!

  3. a sense of humour is a great thing. Maintain it at all costs. Jane in OZ

  4. Oh the joys of mommyhood! lol :p We haven't had everyone sick at the same time yet. It usually goes 1 gets it, a week later the next one gets it, and so on… Hope everyone feels better soon! 🙂

  5. Oh my! That sucks… a lot! I hope you don't get it! Hopefully everyone gets better quickly!

  6. Oy! Is right!!Is there anything worse than puke? Well, perhaps puke and poop at the same time, but whatev, it's all bad!I'd offer a “wish I was closer so I could help”, but even if I was closer, I'd be making a run for MinneSOOOOta on this one.Sorry friend, you're on your own! But, I feel really bad for you…does that count for anything?Hope your crew starts feeling better quick!

  7. Oh that's the worst! We were renting a house once when that happened to us. There was only 1 bathroom. Not good. Hang tough! Hoping it's a quick bug.

  8. ugh that sucks! sorry couldnt come up with anything better. i hope they are all over it soon

  9. OH my gosh! That sucks! Hilarious post, though! I totally got it wrong, I really thought you were creating a family “Bucket” list. That's a great idea that I think we're going to do! Thanks!

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