Dear Reader,

These past couple of weeks have been a doozy and I thank you for sticking with me through it. I am behind on my blogging, guest blogging, commenting and that’s not even mentioning the piles of “to do” I have here at home. I am going to have to ask you to be a little bit patient with me again through this week. The female Gray (Mother-in-law, to my newer readers) is having her surgery this week to put a stent in, so I am not sure what may be required of me that will keep me off the computer.

In the past 14 days (give or take) I have:

  • done numerous doctor appts with the female Gray getting her ready for surgery
  • had bronchitis and a sinus infection that had disguised itself at first as an allergy attack.
  • Caught a stomach virus
  • Bitsy popped in two teeth and a new level of insomnia
  • Belly caught the stomach virus
  • officially got my photography business off the ground
  • watched and hurt for the division and fall of a “family”
  • had a massive “hurt” of my own

Did you notice that basic cooking, cleaning and laundry weren’t mentioned there…um, yeah…my husband noticed too.

Like I said, I will try to remain as consistent as possible with my posting, blog obligations to others, etc. but if I falter or seem to be MIA; please believe that I am not sitting on the couch and eating bonbons.

Thank you again…

OH…and to that special group of men out there that rocked the house on my Tasteful Selections Recipe Contest…I love each and every one of you (which is probably illegal in most states) and glad that my bacon wooed you.

**edited for massive typos – ACK!

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8 replies

  1. life comes in all shapes and sizes. as do challenges for me its how the heck do you read a foreign plug in site and then how do ya make em work. NO NO NO you are not to answer…more big hugs

  2. Wow, at least you had an excuse for your pile of dirty laundry! It will all work out, sister.

  3. That sure is a lot to take in in 14days. Hope this week eases up for you and everyone stays healthy.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Oh and good luck to your MIL with the stent. I hope it all works out! We miss you but we'll get by until you are back in the saddle.

  5. Wow that is a lot to handle. My day today was a complete waste, well maybe not complete, I learned a lot about doing a restore on my computer so I had sound after about 3 hours of troubleshooting. And I learned about doing a redirect wrong after having done it right. My website was no where to be seen. Love my support at my hosting company.And I placed a lot of adsense ads, well not a lot, but tried many variations so it was a lot. Still don't have it all figured out but there are some out there. Hope you feel better and life calms for you. I have to buy clothes for an interview. Prepare something on the computer for the interview. And some other things.eileen

  6. Way behind here, too, thanks mostly to the insanity of football in a(nother) program sorely lacking in just about everything, which means I get to help on top of doing more stuff at home while coach hubby (and son!) slave. I had to back off Twitter for a week and am feeling a tiny bit of relief :)Sending big hugs and prayers your way for whatever is coming up in the NEXT 14 days….'Lucy'

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