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The past few weeks I have had the honor of several podcasts and interviews. Most are still in that post-production stage, but here is where I talked with Geek Girl Wife on her podcast. I had a great time talking with her about blogging! She gives a great interview!

One thing that came up time and time again was what advice did I have for other bloggers? The main advice I gave was to be authentic and real. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not just to gain a “following” because sooner or later that act will be seen through.

Not long after that interview we had a discussion come up in The Pit concerning what you put online. Whether it is pictures or personal stories, it has been discussed for years…how real is too real?

So how do you be an authentic blogger without being too real?

A blogger is a personality. Yes, whoever is writing is a real person but whatever they are writing is their personality. When you are reading what the blogger wrote, you are reading the work. So look at it as a work environment. How much do you share about yourself in the workplace? You may have pictures of your kids, a collection of clown masks, whatever; but how much of who you really are do you share?

That’s my rule of thumb when it comes to my online personality. It is my real authentic personality, but I don’t share things online that I don’t want to be talked about around the water cooler.

Another thing that I have talked about that ties into this is the “hate” mail. Once you have put yourself out there and especially if you have been authentic; there will be people who don’t like you. Some of the biggest mom bloggers out there right now have “hate” sites dedicated to them. Luckily, you and I probably don’t have a hate site yet, but we may have run into people who seem intent on destroying us for whatever reason. So how do you handle the “hate”?

Ignore and move on.

Seriously. Have you ever had someone attack you verbally in real life? The more you defend yourself, the more you try to fight…the worse it gets. There is a saying that “if you play with snakes, you are going to be bit” Totally true. The best thing to do is virtually walk away from the fight and move on. You may need to defend something and that is up to you with how far you want to take it. Personally, if you catch me mad…I’ll stand toe-to-toe all day; but if I have a chance to think, I’ll walk away and wash my hands of it. I learned a long time ago that we should be constantly working on self-improvement. If we have time to tear down someone else, we aren’t improving ourselves and those who spend hours, day, etc. plotting the demise of another will never learn how to better themselves.

So my blogger friends…that is my advice. Be authentic in your blogging, be real! Don’t put stock in those who let you know they don’t like you and never change who you are for anyone. Know that there will always be someone who is bent on destroying you and no matter what you do they will say you did the opposite. Enjoy your online personality and have fun with it, but most of all….just keep blogging!!

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  1. The posts where I've been more “real”, more myself have usually gotten the best response which makes me laugh at how much time I've spent “trying to get it right”.There's a quote that goes something like “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” and that's what we're talking about here.If I try to copy another writer's voice, I'm doomed. My voice is wanting to be expressed and heard. I just have to let it out!

  2. I'm still trying to find my “voice”, but I agree that blogging should definitely be 100% authentic. I don't have haters yet (oh lord, I used that word and I hate it!), but I'll recall your advice if I ever do.

  3. I think being yourself is important. It's impossible to keep up otherwise. I write my blog as I'd speak to a friend. Complete with EMPHASIS and other font changes to help convey my tone. Two things I try to be careful of is posting is 1) anything I'd be upset to read about myself were someone else to day it and 2) anyhting I think my husband or kids could be embarassed or hurt about were they to read it. I've read some cringe worthy stuff and I wonder how that blogger's family will feel if they find it and read it ten years down the road (NOTHING really goes away on the Internet).

  4. Great advice. I have always tried to be authentic but I would never want to embarrass myself or my family with TMI.

  5. You said it. Each blog should be its own. Everyone has something different to offer!

  6. As a fairly new blogger I'm learning to be true with my words, and what's the worst that could happen!? Someone leaves a comment that they don't like a post, oh whatever there's always the DELETE button! Thanks for the advice……www.happychaoticfamily.com

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