Beauty or Beast

We had a guest show up today, that after some inquiring; has become a member of our family. I want you to meet “Tick” She got her name from Buzz who apparently heard me over and over again mumbling about all the ticks I was trying to get off of her. Buzz has taken to her immediately and her humble spirit has won even The Head Wrangler over.

She has got to be the ugliest dog I have ever seen. Her legs are so short and bowed that her belly almost doesn’t clear the ground. She is probably about 3.5 feet long and only 1 foot high. Her tail is bent sideways, her nose appears to be crooked and that’s just the start of the funny things that make Tick unique.

There is a lesson in this adoption though. No matter what your inadequacies may be, funny appearance, etc. there is someone out there who will accept you and love you just the way you are. The key is to keep looking for that person and be humble when they do accept you. Don’t doubt your place in their heart. So whether you are Beauty or a Beast your chance at love is equal.

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  1. Lauryn says she looks like her mama – Brown eyes, and black hair. Should I warn her to watch her back? She really meant that she looks like she just fits right into your family and I agree- She is adorable. Not the prettiest but cute. I know she has found a forever home! Your such a great mama! Wonder how she'll do when big D pulls out the big guns?!!!

  2. Thats wonderful. I think it's great that you took her in i'm sure you can give her all the love she needs

  3. I think she's cute. But I have a soft spot for any homeless dog.

  4. Haha.. the first pic isn't so bad and you wonder what you mean “ugliest dog you've ever seen”, but then you see the NEXT one and you say “Ooohhhh yeah, that's ugly!”Stopping by from BlogFrog!

  5. Ohhh..I think she's cute! Is she a Lab/weiner dog mix?

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