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  1. lol! i sure hope you didn't eat it, though!

  2. That's HOT… and an energy saver :)Lucy

  3. OK, I tried this with my kids a couple of weeks ago when it was about 100 degrees here, and it did not work at all. I think the difference is the blacktop. We only had concrete, which probably doesn't get as hot. How long did you leave it there?

  4. OH, I believe it. So funny you tried it. I've decided to have bad hair until it cools off because it's too hot to blow dry it.

  5. Wow soo I am assuming that you can fry eggs on a car too. Not that I would want to clean up the mess.

  6. How cool… I have always wanted to try that. In fact I think I just may.. how long did you have to leave it for it to cook?

  7. I have a friend that cooks on his car engine all the time when traveling. The secret is foil! Whatever you cook on the engine (after driving all day of course) wrap it in foil.

  8. That's awesome! Thanks for the laugh today!

  9. Ooooooh, sure. “Time Lapse”…I've seen those infomercials…”Just apply this amazing night serum, and by morning, you'll look 10 years younger!”, and they do the time lapse and show a photo of the younger sister.Uh huh. Sure. ;)How did it taste?

  10. 108 degrees outside,It's hot as hell!I think my brain is fried,Shhh….don't tell!Let's get out the egss,Speaking of fried,And go to the parking lot,There's something I never tried.Crack that egg now,I wanna see if it's true.Can you fry this thing on pavement?I wish I knew!Well, what do you know?Who would have thought?The darn thing is cooked!I have the knowledge I sought.Only one thing left to do,Quick, pick out the grit,Sprinkle salt and pepper,And let's eat all of it!Okay CW, can I get my poetry queen crown back soon? And can I get a little fried egg with that?

  11. On concrete or asphalt Neither one will I doBy the time I got it Clean enough to eat offI'd be too tired toStill Elizabeth cooking on a car engine is hard. A friend of mine tried it but he loses his fingers cutting carrots with the fan Blades. I told him to get someone to go along next time to drive. Boy it was a miss by the time they get him out from under the hood and the car out of the ditch.

  12. lol. I did this with my siblings a few weeks ago. The egg fried, but not like how it would on a stove. It was still fun though!

  13. My girls and I tried this on our asphalt earlier this week when it was 98 with a dew point of 70 making it feel like the 100s. It didn't work 😦 We let the egg sit there for 1 hour. Of course the dog ended up eating half of it.

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