B & W Wednesday

Growing Up
Leaving a friend behind, but knowing he will be waiting for you when you need him again.

This photo was submitted to Long Road To China

Categories: photographs

8 replies

  1. AWW, that's kinda sad…. Love the perspective. Great shot!

  2. Beautiful photo. I love the chocolately color.

  3. Kids growing up is so hard! It's worse when you wake up one day and realize that all those toddler and little kid moments are gone forever! Forever!! But then you remember that they can wipe their own rear-ends, and that helps.

  4. Such a great capture of a precious friend.

  5. Poor sad discarded Teddy. I hope someone picks him up and loves him soon! My girls sleep with 20 stuffed animals! A bit excessive but I guess you can never have too many plush friends to love, right?:)DonnaOur Blog: Double Happiness!

  6. This is the first photo to put a lump in my throat. Great shot!~Becki

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