I’ve collected the whole set

The next challenge on the 31 Days To Build A Better Blog was to find a blog buddy. Because I believe there is more strength in numbers, I have built a team. An indestructible force. I have always loved working with other bloggers! It’s kind of like we speak the same language, love the same thing; so why on earth not work together?

*Disclaimer: Despite what you may have heard; none of these bloggers are being held against their will. Just ignore the screams that you might hear. It’s a TV program I have on. I swear!

I want you to meet my new BBFFs (that’s super duper secret code for “Bloggy Best Friends Forever”) Each one of these bloggers will be doing a guest post for me real soon. (Oh yeah BBFFs I forgot to warn you of that part! Better get crackin’!)

In no particular order

Twitter handle: @Wishfulme

Her blog is “Start Dreaming” That link will land you on her “About Me” page.

Twitter handle: @spitfireworld

You know…I am not going to bother with giving you all of the links to her blogs. Yes, I said blogS. The girls has 6 of them. Overachievers make me feel bad!

Twitter handle: @Mofthesea

This link right here…I mean HERE…NOPE HERE will take you to a confessional page for moms. We’ve all done something not so stellar and consumed way too much chocolate because of the guilt. This gives us a chance to unload it anonymously for everyone to read.

Twitter handle: @gnomeangel

Her “About Me” page is wonderfully written and I feel as though she is an old friend, even though she is brand new to me. Oh…and her photographs…to. die. for.

Twitter handle: @thefunsucker

This lady is crazy funny!! Check out her “About Me” page. She is a newbie to me too, but she keeps me laughing!

Last but not least…

I almost didn’t include her, because I was nervous to approach her (kidnap her…whatever) about being in my baseme…I mean, being my BBFF. She’s like the Twitter goddess and ringleader of #31dbbb. She has a wealth of info for blogger on her blog (HERE) and even has a giveaway going on for blog designs! Go check her out…just remember to bow in her presence and kiss her baby!
Now that you have met my “posse'” You will be seeing a lot more of them as we continue to…


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7 replies

  1. I've never been so excited to be locked in someones basement! Can't wait to collaborate with such fine bloggers. I do get to collaborate with the others, right? Not just you? It is a group thing, isn't it? I mean, you're great and all… well let me know.

  2. Everyone, please: no need to rescue me. As long as CrayonWrangler keeps the wine and cake supplies coming I'll be a happy denizen of her basement.Also, she has cable.

  3. Wait there's wine AND cake? What do I need to do to be kidnapped…errr…invited to the basement?

  4. Am I the only one who's eyes read “Funsucker” wrong every time?

  5. Bethany, No your not. I do it every time! Dang I missed the chance to be locked in your basement. Can I sneak in a side window? Under a door crack? Please someone let me in!

  6. Bethany, I read “Funsucker” wrong too! Glad it wasn't just me 🙂 No offense Funsucker! It's actuall pretty catchy!Wish I would have joined the 30 day challenge!

  7. You made me blush. Thank you for the amazing compliment. I can't wait to write a guest post – is there anything in particular you would like me to write on, or just search your blog for some inspiration?(PS. I'm really busy this week, but I'm hoping that I'll be back to blogging normalcy and no traveling by Saturday 14/8)

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