Real Conversations With A Brick Wall

We have all had those moments when we feel like we are talking to a brick wall (and wanting to beat our heads into one) and nothing we are saying is being heard.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Brick Wall and talk about some of the conversations he has participated in.

Here are the top 10 conversations with Mr. Brick Wall.

  1. Would you turn that TV off and pick up your toys, socks, etc. up off the floor.
  2. But green beans are good for you.
  3. No honey, I don’t think a 87 inch TV will benefit the household.
  4. Please don’t throw a fit in the middle of the store because you are tired or want a cookie.
  5. Quit touching, kicking, biting, spitting, etc. on your sibling.
  6. Does this dress make my butt look big?
  7. I don’t care if everyone else has a Mohawk, tattoo and nose piercing. You are in Kindergarten.
  8. Try telling me at least a week before you needs a project finished for school next time.
  9. But you said if I let you have a dog that YOU would feed, water, walk and clean up after it.
  10. Give me 5 minutes alone to go to the bathroom, make a phone call, etc.

What conversations would your brick wall tell you about?

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7 replies

  1. My brick wall hears a lot of:Please turn the TV down. The neighbors have their own, they don't need to hear ours.Turn off that computer and get your butt to bed.Go change your clothes. I can't let you leave the house like that. (I have a teenage girl)

  2. “No! and Sit!” – To my dogsCan you please pick up your clothes off the floor and put them in the dirty hamper? – To my husbandYou do not need Chick -Fil-a AGAIN this week! – to my Husband(Winces) and occasionally myselfSaying Hi from Sits!

  3. I *loved* your post… so funny, yet so true! I have 5 brick walls at my house and we share many of the same conversations. I'd add…11. Please finish your homework BEFORE you go outside to play.12. Turn off the PlayStation, now. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, now.13. Honey, can you pick up some milk on your way home?Love it! πŸ™‚

  4. My conversations are strangely the same as yours. πŸ™‚

  5. First, this is my first visit here, from BF, SITS, and can I just say, I love your blog title!! :> I've had quite a few of those conversations….in fact, the one that goes, “Go brush your teeth. Don't forget your water. You didn't rinse your mouth out. How do I know? You don't have a cup of water with you. Yes, Mamas know everything. Really, we do. Seriously.”, I'm having right now. Type two words. Repeat myself. Type one word. Repeat myself. Type four words. Repeat myself. That poor ol' brick wall, it hears the same thing over and over and over and over and over again! Thanks for handing me a crayon…I'm so glad I stopped by & colored a bit! :>

  6. “Quit chewing on your shirt.”Weird, right?

  7. Yes, you do have to forgive.No you can”t beat the living —- out of them.No you can't BYOB to a church picnic.Yes you can pray out loud, only don't use profanity.Yes you can confess your faults, only make sure they are yours and not someone else's(Such are the trials of a preacher)

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