Cross Another One Off

So the old bucket list…are you actively trying to get things crossed off that you really want to do? I just did a major one for me. I published a book. Seriously…I did. Well, an e-book. I dusted off one of the old manuscripts that I loved and never had the guts to send in and submitted it in. You’ll have to go to my giveaway page to see an excerpt of the book and purchase it, but I am giving half of the proceeds to the St. Jude’s Children Hospital and Research. So your purchase is really going for a good cause.

I have to admit that I had the file downloaded, cover created and everything; then stage fright kicked in and I hovered over the “Finish & Complete” button for about 2.5 hours.

So if one copy gets sold (Mom, Dad and Sis…ya’ll don’t count!) then I can officially cross another item off my bucket list.

Next up on the list: Old fashioned cattle drive

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7 replies

  1. Wow!!! Congrats! Publishing a book is on my bucket list as well. I have something done that I'm editing right now. We'll see how it goes. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! That's AMAZING!

  3. I just have to say that I miss reading your blog. I used to follow you in my reader, but when you changed over your feeds from full feed to partial, I took you off the list. :(I wish you'd go full again…

  4. And congrats on your book being published! That's a huge milestone!! 😀

  5. I ALWAYS click over to your posts. Good blogs are worth a little finger twitch.

  6. Way to go.. I bet it is a good read. I am off to look at it. I was missing you at MAcro Friday so I popped over to see what was up.. Now I know, You were busy..Miss your entries..

  7. That's awesome! I wish I had the nerve, and writing skills, to do that.

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