Mind Mapping – 31dbbb

Today’s challenge was making a mind map for blog posts and ideas. It’s pretty scary the directions my mind goes, but I have learned to just go with it.
For your pleasure I have scanned in my mind map. This is not for use in analyzing me, thankyouverymuch

Categories: mind map

5 replies

  1. This gave me so many chuckles. You're hilarious. Thank you!

  2. Love it- I still need a nap too- you can leave that 'map' point in there indefinably I think. Oh, love your header- it reminded me I still need to clean the purple crayon my son sooo enjoyed using on the wall the other day. :)-

  3. I didn't think about putting the wine/liquor in the cleaning supplies cabinet. Good idea… no one but me ever looks in there.

  4. Well shoot, I thought the link said mind Nap.I thought maybe you had a way to sleep while still accomplishing things. What you posted was what exhausted minds are all about. Too funny. People call me a scatter brain but I am pretty sure that is what it looks like!

  5. Hysterical. “real conversations with brick walls” ta hee hee

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