I like these blogs…

(Although I will never publicly admit to knowing this song…I have heard it several times. I will not write the name of the song, because I would hate for it to come up in some search engine…so I hope you know the tune to “I like big…” cause you are going to need it here)

I like these blogs and I can not lie,
You readers want to know why?
Cause when a mom writes about her CHD kid,
and another fights helping others to live.
I get hooked, gotta read some more,
Hookin your treehouse up with a floor.
There are cookies and baking niches
Heavens, look at her pictures…

This is where the song falls apart, because I lack the ability to rap. But you get the idea…right? Maybe we should tone it down a bit.

What a wonderful blog
(tune of What a wonderful world)

I see blogs galore,
A bunch I adore.
Blogs about life and being a wife,
and I think to myself…
What a wonderful blog.

The writings of a mother
so pretty in its prose.
A picture of a dog
Another of a rose.
I see moms having fun
A giveaway I won
and I think to myself…
What a wonderful blog.

OK…so there are about 54,345,270 more blogs on my blog roll and I couldn’t name them all…but thanks for “putting it out there” alongside me!

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26 replies

  1. What creativity! Now you will have me sing and dancing for awhile. I remember all the lyrics to the original. Found you from #31DBBB

  2. This was so freakin' funny! You are so creative girl. This is totally going in my link love post this week. =)

  3. Now I'm humming that song ;-)Thanks for the mention ❤

  4. Loved this!!! What a creative way to put a link list all together, and I could totally follow along to the tune of each of the songs!! And now, I'll have to check out a couple of those links 🙂 Too stinkin' funny.~Tabitha

  5. That was fabulous! (Of course!!) Thanks for the shout out!!

  6. I really needed a laugh tonight. I wish I had your creativity. Love it.

  7. I was hoping you'd do another song soon! love ya!

  8. What a cool idea.. love it!

  9. Word to your mutha…Ice ice baby…Cool mix of lyrics! Thanks for the tune in my head first thing in the morning!

  10. I laughed until I cried! I love it, I can't stop giggling. This is going to keep me smiling and signing all day long 🙂

  11. Love it! How unique and FABULOUS! Thanks for liking me. I like you back. 🙂

  12. Awww thanks! 🙂 I was kind of shocked to be clicking along and all of a sudden see MY blog come up!I love when you do these “to the tune of” things… you're GOOD at it!! 🙂

  13. I love how you did this!! Great way to showcase great bloggers!

  14. bravo bravo. Great idea for a post.

  15. Absolutely fantastic!!!! I can hear it in my head…what a fun song to sing.

  16. I love it! What a fun and creative way to highlight some of your favorite blogs.

  17. Stopping in from SITS! This was hilarious and so creative!!

  18. This post made my day! Stopping by from SITS.KimDwww.themmomstandard.com

  19. That post was darling! Glad I took a look at SITS today! Will be following.

  20. A++!

  21. Here from #31DBBB… this is such a creative way to highlight the blogs you like! LOVE it!

  22. Crayon WranglerI love that name and the image it always brings to mind. You were on my mind tonight and I was going to write a post with a link to you. Instead I am reading, my eyes are closing, and writing will not get done tonight.This was another playful and fun read. Thank youEileen

  23. That is so funny… and creative…BUT I have a feeling I'm going to be humming that song all day!

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