Social Media And The Mom – 5 Ways Moms Use Social Media

Yesterday I went to a SEO and Social Media conference that was led by Bill Seaver and John Ellis. I have a huge notebook full of chicken scratch where I noted all the important things that they were saying about SEO and Social Media. The majority of the conference was geared towards more of the corporate thought process, but there was plenty for the “mommy blogger” to glean and apply;

I am going to give you a list about how the average mom can use social media, but the first thing to understand is…

What IS Social Media?

Guess what?!?! If you are reading this blog right now, you are using social media. If you found this post through my FaceBook page or because of a Twitter message I sent out, you are using social media! Congratulations! You are now using and understanding social media!! See…it wasn’t rocket science.

5 Ways The Average Mom Uses Social Media

  1. Blogs – This is a huge form of social media for a mom that is growing so big daily that they no longer can easily keep track of the numbers of blogs. The average mom doesn’t need to be a techno-guru-geek to create her own blog in minutes where she can share a journal of her life, kids, pictures, recipes, introspective moments, news, politics or entertainment. Blogs are also becoming more interactive as the author responds to her readers and dialogue is begun.
  2. Social Networking – Sites like FaceBook, Cyworld and MySpace are available to join, create a profile and in minutes be networking with not only friends and family, but also used to connect with people with similar interests or demographics.
  3. Microblogging – Twitter, Tumblr or Foursquare are some of these sites. Twitter appears to be the most frequently used and it goes beyond the social networking connection. Many companies have jumped into Twitter (and FaceBook) and are now using it as a resource to connect with their customers. Moms are starting to pick up on this and in no time are talking back and forth with the brands that they use most; getting questioned answered, customer service issues handled or just being able to rave about what they love most.
  4. Multimedia – Services like Photobucket, Flickr, Skype, YouTube, Stickam, etc. are available for moms to use to upload photos or videos to share, store or use to create slideshows or mash-ups, talk to family/friends face to face through the use of a webcam or create your own video to put on YouTube to show the world how to make homemade butter.
  5. Reviews and Opinions – More than ever businesses are wanting to get your opinions and the explosion of social media has made it easier than ever to get your opinions on their products or services. Since way back when, moms have shared with each other their thoughts on products and services and used that information to affect sales of products/services. Thanks to sites like epinions, and Wikianswers moms can still sound off about their views, but businesses can monitor these sites and see what is being said.

So in what ways are you using social media?

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10 replies

  1. I have the blog, of course, and I Facebook just a tad, but I don't do Twitter because I can't handle anymore time sucking commitment. πŸ™‚ I think social media is an amazing resource and tool for mothers, and anyone really, but it can also become a crippling addiction that holds you incapable of doing, accomplishing, or being anything else. It should be used for good, and with caution.My husband's boss just took his family on vacation, and his wife spent the entire trip on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. I felt so sorry for her husband and kids who MUST HAVE been neglected during that special family time because one cannot give that much attention to social media and still have time left for family. We went to a very nice restaurant with this same couple once and the woman checked her Facebook during dinner more times than I could count, right there at the table. I was so embarrassed for her. Social media is capable of killing social skills.So I say use it, but use it wisely.

  2. Thanks for defining/explaining all this. I blog, but that's it and it makes me happy. Pretty simple, huh?

  3. I have a blog and I use photo storage and youtube for sharing images/videos (and keep the settings as private as practical.) That's it. No facebook, no twitter, nothing else. I agree with Bethany… it can be life and time sucking for some of us. I know these things can suck the life out of me and I would easily get caught up in them so I simply avoid them. Chief and I may be the only adults on the face of the planet without a facebook account (well, my mom, too ~ she doesn't use a computer at all.) Though I admit that I have considered fb a time or two because I think I'd get more pics of the grandbaby if I could get on there. *sigh*Using it is fine, of course, but the “rule” should be:“Mommy, know thyself.”

  4. For my Travel blog, I use it all, for my ninja blog just blogging!

  5. I have a couple of blogs and face book.

  6. I love Social Media! I use it of course for blogging, and for connecting with other like-minded individuals who share my passion for green living, peace, DIY, and all kinds of stuff. It really makes connecting with others, and finding information quick and easy.Thanks for the blog visit. Love your site. Peace. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi Crayon Wrangler,Just wanted to thank you again for visiting my blog. And your blog is ADORABLE ! I love your list post, it's great, very very spot on. And you have kids my dear. You'll never be insignificant to anyone, least of all to your precious ones. * sighes…I want kids love and cherish and honor and teach and play with! Looking forward to reading your blog posts and doing this Problogger Challenge with you!

  8. Love this list AND that you ended it with a question- great way to keep the conversation going!I am a twitter lover. I blog and use FB, also LOVE Blog Frog.Connecting is great online, then I love doing it in real life, like at Bloggy Boot Camp!

  9. Yes of course, I do the blogging thing, and facebook somekim

  10. What a great title of a blog! Coloring outside of the lines always strikes me since in first grade I was YELL at for doing exactly that. I have had a very hard time drawing or coloring since.I had no idea there were so many bloggers outside of technical people. the #31dbbb challenge has been eye opening to see what people are doing Thanks for your perspective on life.Eileen πŸ™‚

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